Qivana Review – Advantages and Disadvantages of Qivana

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Qivana is a new business opportunity for Health and Wellness. The company claims to be unique because of the systematic approach taken by Dr. Marcus Laux to the physical improvement developed jointly with the founders. The founders are Derek Hall, Rodney James, Devin Glazier, Justin Banner, and Craig Johanson.

Approach to Qivana's wellness system approach consists of 3 steps: [1] Stabilization / Qore / Probiotic Help to fill healthy bacteria on intestinal tract.

2) Vitalize / Qore / Essentials-Energize the body of Asian herbs like Gynostemma pentaphyllum and Chinese Skullcap.

3) Optimization / Qore / Detox- A mixture of products that liberates the body of heavy metals, free radicals and toxins.

Product Creator

Dr. Marcus Laux is a naturopathic doctor who graduated from the Naturopathic Medical College in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Laux has 15 years of family family practice and has spent a lot of time looking for natural remedies in Central America, Siberia, and so on.

Professionals to Join as an Independent Contractor

1) The company is new to and automatically exports thrill. Whether you are true or not, the perception is somewhat easier to enrich if you are involved in a ground floor option. The initial excitement will keep the company up for a while, as long as you bring results with the product and increase the growing pains.

2) Health and wellness is growing fast. Paul Zane Pilzer discusses the trillion dollars that are being transferred from the healthcare industry to the forensic industry in many healthcare libraries.

3) The income potential may accelerate at incredible speed if the company comes through the promises.

Mistrust as a Self-Employed Membership

1) New companies are growing in pain. They are waiting for potential product delays, placement problems with new team members, lost orders, late checks and changes that they disagree with.

2) The product creation and the scientific advisory body are primarily in the hands of a man, Dr. Marcus Laux. Although its continuation is intense, only one person. Where are the checks and balances in the system? The company's website mentions other doctors and researchers, but their names are not listed.

3) The company's website leads to dreams of being financially independent, which we often hear in Network Marketing. From March 24, 2009, the first item on Qivana's website is an overview of the company. There is no sentence in this review for this product. A long-term, sustainable business model needs a good product.

4) Unfortunately, the company and the management are mainly approaching the belly and belly. Most home entrepreneurs today want to leverage leveraged, high-level marketing such as ITU Blueprint .


I would consider making products and entering as an independent business owner after finding out that the product worked for me. Dr. Marcus Laux seems to have a legitimate product line and leadership has experience that can be useful to everyone. Most of the concerns listed in the Qivana Review can be solved in the future.

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