Retail shopping as entertainment

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Shopping is usually work-related – purchasing goods, satisfying needs, etc. Purchasing is first seen as a function and secondly, it serves as a feeling and social need. Even if we talk about retail therapy, we will return to marketing about controversy about seemingly rational behavior. But it's not that simple. As earnings grew, access exploded and leisure time increased and shopping was as fun as anything else. Even in an unstable economy, buying decisions must be as much value as is needed (perceived and real). In fact, the experience of entertaining and memorable stores is likely to mean more sales than the product or the lightness that people find. The choice is the same as enjoyment, labor, and entertainment. The retail environment is an expansive, engaging media platform.

This does not mean that entertainment is the only way to look at shopping, but this is an amazing item that you should not overlook. Shopping becomes fun, which relies on the subject, its necessity and desire. For example, purchasing a bra can sometimes cause pain in the throat when "necessary" is a "utilitarian function" ("work clothes"), but it may become fun when the bra is "desirable" for other cultural functions. People can also use used stores as a form of entertainment if they have a piece of clothing that "wanted" (cheap designer jeans pair) but if someone "needs" second-hand shops for a limited budget, it discards entertainment and the "mandate" world It falls.

This means that marketing customers means that the best retail experience, the highest degree of loyalty and sales are those who are planning a story and inviting the buyer to the story. According to Richard Ellis Group, 92% of retailers are planning to increase store openings in 2010. Or lose them. In such a competitive, highly demanding landscape, there are few mistakes in errors and short-term market failures. Increasing sales involve more than people in the store, it involves thinking of the store as a destination and they think it is a "place" rather than a "place". The place is created when people give meaning to the larger, indivisible space. One of the most sensible ways is to involve people in an entertaining experience and directly involve them in the story. So how do you do this? It starts with some simple but effective tools.

Language :

In the past, language emphasized the skills and mastery of shopping. Very real, practical results were created as a home manager. Over time, the primary need for "hunting" has changed. Hunting and production are no longer about survival, but about the challenge and social capital. The lines between work and leisure are obscure. The language used in advertising and in the retail space should speak with the romantic view of hunting, as well as the material benefits of the products. Instead of talking about functional benefits, it is important to focus on the social capital acquired by the buyer and the history of the buyer (or the desired, predicted life).

Create a Room :

The store is a theater show. Even if there are no direct links to a specific story line, the retailer must still comply with some of the basic principles. Especially escape, fantasy and inclusion. Full experience refers to the cultural and psychological effects of pleasure and participation. People create memories within places when stories develop and personal relationships are formed. The stronger the relationship is, the more likely it is to make the place more frequent and buy. A good business space has to create a common identity that connects the company and the customer with clear imaging and impressions that point to the perception that there is a narration behind the facade.


When purchasing with others, with family or friends, so much is the creation of social bonds and the outgoing as well as meeting specific needs. Replaced the park, the lake, etc. The space is replaced by the built space. Retail spaces that encourage people to interact with each other, and space becomes more and more relaxed and strengthens the roles adopted by people for a given shopping trip. For example, placing small candies in a lingerie shop (returning to the bra) increases the feeling of romance and allows people to "play" in a stressful story that the buyer and his partner are looking for.

Finally, retail shopping becomes more and more complicated. With increased use of online shopping and easy access to more and more sites, people choose their underlying desires, not just functional requirements. Whatever the retailer can do to improve the experience is a key differentiator. Decide on your shop and increase loyalty and sales.

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