Review of Human Touch HT-5320 Massage Product

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Here is the review of the Human Touch HT 5320 massage bed. This is one of the few full body massage chairs that the Human Touch massage chair company offers. This massage chair is able to massage from your feet to the top of the neck.

Most of the Human Touch massage line line is very modern. The design of the HT-5320 is perhaps one of the most industrial designs on the market. It looks like a very large and bulky, weird orthodontist looking at the cramps.

Massage trim is provided with upholstery, including the side panel and arm. There are also two articulated structures out of the armrests. These are massages instead of arms or thighs.

Despite not attracting design, the HT5320 has many different therapeutic treatments. It has patented technology such as the patented "eighth" massage technique that drives unique robot rollers.

The rear seat has a new narrow remote control. The remote control function buttons are located on two different surfaces of the remote control. There are function buttons on the front side and on this unique remote control.

The HT 5320 has an acupuncture sensor system. This allows you to automatically find acupressure points in the back areas. This allows you to customize the massage based on your own reading.

The acupuncture detection system scans the back, neck and shoulders. You look for different acupressure points and store them on your computer. Then customize each massage you find. This allows an effective massage area to help the healing experience.

The calf massage uses an air massage system. This uses compressed air to charge the airbags, which provides compression massage for the feet and calves. Massage the arms or thighs. Just plug the flexible airbag around your thigh or arm for a massage.

This backrest also has a full body strap. The entire body can be achieved by keeping your feet in the foot while leaving the chair. This helps stretch the spine, which increases blood flow to the vertebrae and discs.

One of the unique features of the massage bed is the massage bed. This backrest allows you to adjust the fingers around your arms or thighs. To increase the aesthetics of the chair, you can remove these accessories if you do not use it.

The air massage system covers your feet, calves, arms, thighs and seat. This is a fairly good coverage for the air massage system. This allows compression-style massage to be available for the major muscle groups in the body.

The back foot has a rather complex hinged mechanism. This allows you to move and expand to better accommodate your calves and feet. However, thanks to this design, the hinge mechanism is very large.

The HT 5320 has many massage functions. This is one of the models that offers full body massage ability from Human Touch. The design of the chair is somewhat industrial and has a small appearance. Massage therapy is, however, relatively good and working continuously.

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