Runt Stun Gun – Product Review

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Runt Stun Gun is one of hundreds of self defense products on the market. What is exceptional is strength, size and value.

This outstanding stun gun consists of four powers: 350,000, 650,000, 950,000, and the latest in a rechargeable one – the 950 R. Most models require batteries, so the 950 R is a great value in the long run. The 950,000-volt model is one of the strongest anywhere available.

This dynamic tool is not as large as an average size of 3.5 "X2 1 / 8th X 7 / 8ths – possibly as large as a mobile phone. The weapon must be in order to work. If you use a stun gun for an attacker for 3 to 5 seconds, muscles work hard quickly, instantly exhausting the attacker's blood so that an attacker can not produce energy for his muscles and his body can not function properly

Electric charge interrupts the pulses that control and control the movement of the muscles that lose the balance can not stand

The best areas of application for the nerve centers around the upper hip, under the ribs or the upper shoulders are the best to achieve maximum efficiency, to escape or to get help [19659002] All these powerful weapons (except at he 950R) work with three lithium CR123A ion batteries in the package. Awesome self defense products come with a lifetime warranty and a nylon carrying case. The carrying case on the tape is very similar to the pager. All this is great value!

I always recommend a verbal warning like "retreat" to a potential assailant as he raises the charge stun gun. Sometimes the sight and sound of the stuffing stun gun became known that many bad people were triggered by the mind. You mean you really do not want to bite it? # 39;

If you are looking for quality, efficiency and biggie-LEGALITY on a market for a self-defense product, the Runt Stun Gun must be close to the top of the list. Stun guns in some states are not legitimate. Check with the local police.

"When you make sure it's the worst"

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