Rusk Hairbrush – Product Overview

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Rusk is world leader in the professional salon industry, while offering professional and customer-focused products and tools. Their goal is to use consumers and stylists to use innovative and imaginative styling techniques. Bottom line, Rusk designs salon quality products to make it look and feel better. One of the most popular products is the pink hairbrush available in many different types and three rows:

CTC Styling Brushes:

Rusk CTC Technological Brushes feature ceramic and titanium that delivers beautiful results. The brushes come in 4 different styles for better style and performance. The CTC ™ technology delivers bristle light and reduces friction on every hair length and texture. These four styles include the 7-line hard rubber cushion brush, 11-row paddle brush, large breather brush and regular breathing brush.

Heat Freak:

The Heat Freak brush is a three-channel innovative ceramic barrel that seizes and distributes hair evenly styling. The ionic bristles release negative ions to seal the cuticle, toughness and friction. The Rusk Heat Freak Round Brush 2 ", 2½", 3 ", 3" and 2 "The three canals hold the brush and evenly distribute the hair while providing the most modern comfort and precision The ceramic barrel and ionic bristles

Da Vinci:

Sam Leonardi is a professional celebrity hairdresser, Rusk has worked for the design of the perfect styling brush for the birth of the Rusk Da Vinci Collection. They are ergonomically shaped and balanced with the points on top, as well as for separation, lifting and molding.The cushion cushion is extremely gentle on hair and scalp.These brushes are smooth, straight and shine and ideal for any hair Ergonomically designed brush collection featuring two different styles, nylon studs and the hedgehog. The hedgehogs are medium to large, and high quality deer hair. Nylon pins are available in medium, large sizes and small wallets. These brushes are great for anyone and every hair care need. They can be used for separation, smoothing, straightening and volume and light shine. These brushes are ideal for all hair lengths, types and textures.

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