Rusk Hairspray – Product Testing

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When the hair spray comes, there are many features that separate the wonderful from the horrible. Sturdy and crisp hair or a super "wet" look may have been fashionable in the 80's, but today's styles are softer and touchable with movement and brilliance.

Rusk is committed to developing fashion design products and keeping today's hairstyles. Rusk Hairspray provides a durable hold that is bright, soft and completely touchable.

There are two types of Rusk hairspray, each with its own advantages.

* The W8less Spray features a strong hold, a very strong hold. , and a non aerosol molding spray. These hairspray can be sprayed onto wet hair before drying. It has special heat-activated air conditioning systems that give hair, moisture, body and light thanks to the hair effect of the hair dryer and provides a long service life for the desired hairstyle. For all dry hair, the W8less hairspray is further stretched and provides additional resistance. As indicated by the name, these Rusk capillaries are light enough to not measure the hair and not be heavy or wet, but rather squatting and touching. wet hair as a blow dryer or dry hair for extra maintenance. Worx hair varnishes have a special silicone blend for glamor; However, this spray can be sanded through the hair without flakes associated with most silicone spray. The second Worx spray is an extremely durable formula that is used only on dry hair to finish the haircut.

* Rusk Being Sexy Hair Vibrators give you a loud, very strong hold and control. Rusk Being Sexy Hair Spray locks and frees hair styles with volume, extra firm fixation and control. With the texture of the hair, its natural light, its long-lasting, sticky hold and the best for all types of hair.

* Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Ending Hairspray is a quick-drying ultra-fine mist that delivers durable hold and excellent texture. This finishing spray immediately closes the style in place and is perfect for all types and texture of hair.

* Rusk Sensories Bright Brightening Hairspray is designed with camomile and lavender, white, gray, brilliant or blond hair yellow, restoring the shine and brightness of your hair. It also includes protective UV and moisture inhibitors that provide humidity resistance and control.

* Rusk Thickr Thickening hairspray is a highly durable hair spray that provides powerful texture and light. Thickr contains special conditioning agents that improve the condition of the cuticle, add UV blockers to protect colored or highlighted hair, and ThermplexPlus, which is dynamically bound to hair to build body and thickness in every fiber

a strong catch with volume and movement. Wet and crispy hair is truly a past thanks to Rusk's soft and sticky hairspray

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