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first Reduce Shopping Trips

Get one day to buy. Do not buy anything on other days. This is due to a reduction in exposure to temptation. The moment you decide to buy something, there is a risk of buying something else that you do not need and that can be harmful (alcohol, rusty foods, …). Therefore, reduce the number of shopping trips and reduce the number of temptations and save money.

2nd Buy from the List

Buy items that you want to buy before buying. Buy only things that are listed on the list. Make a list even if you only want to buy one item. Otherwise buying a thing is a sign of time wasting and bad organization. For each purchase, it takes at least 5 to 10 minutes for stores in the area for a certain period of time (for a store or for a walk on the street). Imagine buying seven times a week for 35-70 minutes. Purchase three times a week takes 15-30 minutes. The difference is about 30 minutes. Find your hourly wages and calculate how much money you save only in your time (probably about $ 5 a week).

3rd Make a Non-Buy List

If you have trouble purchasing things you do not need, note the forbidden things (alcohol, rusty foods, …). Before you buy anything, read the list of wholly forbidden things. Make a promise to yourself or to someone else that you will not buy such things.

4th Track your costs

Remember what you buy and the price. This helps keep prices and find the things you spend the most. With bookkeeping, you can search for stores that offer the best deals for you. For example, foods may spend $ 2 less on another store in the neighborhood. It's a bit small, but three times a week, which saves $ 312 a year.

5th Reduce your shopping list

Go back to your shopping list and ask each item for yourself. "Is this really, is it really necessary?" If the answer is not deleted from the list. You can then delete the most expensive item from the list. This can delay spending on spending.

You can now calculate how much money you can save. $ 312 for better deals + $ 300 for leisure time + $ 350 for things you do not need. In total, this will be $ 962 per year.

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