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In Arlington, Virginia, March 1977, 2 women in the 20s started moving comfort. On those days, the workout was only designed for men and did not like the shorts they had to run. The company is still true to its original path and proudly say that every stitch is for women only. 19659002] In the past 3 decades, he has gained invaluable knowledge, especially in material technology; which helped them get better workout clothes and bras. By moving the experience of the last 30 years, the best sport serpents for women in the past few years have become known.

To build durable, high-quality garments with expertise and unwillingness to compromise. It requires knowledge and care to understand the female body and the necessary support and freedom. The Moving Comfort suits are of high quality and are designed to make the woman comfortable and encourage her to stay active. Keeping fit improves women's quality of life.

It is important to save time to choose an athletic bra that is right for you. Wearing a comfortable and well-matched bra is just as important as practicing shoes. Moving comfort has made it easier for you than women regardless of the level of activity and the body type.

Moving Comfort Brassieres are designed to provide protection for breasts regardless of the level of activity they have performed. Athletic bras are suitable for medium and high impact activities:

Low impact – Walking, ice skating, cycling, cross country skiing, mountain climbing, but with abundant breastfeeding

Medium effect – Race tracks, hiking, downhill skiing, mountain biking, etc. You need an athletic bra with moderate popping control, compression, and a generous bra. ] High-Impact – volleyball, basketball, running, etc. Sports that can cause breast tissue damage due to acne. You need a compression sports bra that can be maximally controlled and supported.


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Contoured Cups

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to feel comfortable and care for your breasts while you love all the activities you love with love.

So go out and have fun!

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