Seasonal Security Shopping – Reduce the risk of robbery, assault and theft this season

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Thanksgiving is a past, which means officially opening the celebration shopping season. Although the peak season is during the theft during the summer, we usually experience theft increase in the season. Many of us buy presents from family and friends, more money and credit cards, and often not keeping in mind their belongings. Here are some tips that reduce the risk of seasonal failure.

  • When ordering the goods, do not ship the package to your home if no one gets it. He usually escaped in eleven months. But in December – and I found this hard – when more people received gifts, some entrepreneurial thieves realized they could just follow the UPS and FedEx trucks and collect the left boxes. Happy Christmas for them!
  • Even if this tip becomes apparent, I was often surprised to see what people are just leaving in cars. It does not take much time to break into a car and clean it out of interesting content. Do not make it so easy for a thief to buy! If you have multiple places to buy, remove all packages from the trunk, even if you think that you will only go in a few minutes.
  • This is a basic owner, I am astonished when I hear how many students in my classroom do not close their doors. As an old New Yorker, closing the door is just obvious, even natural to me. It does not seem that way. So much theft – and sometimes an attack – occurs when the perpetrator can only walk.

Consequently, those who move to a new home, apartment or apartment need to change the locks immediately. If you are a tenant, the tenant must do it immediately. A friend was unpleasantly surprised at the little hours a morning when many dazed young men opened their keys in his apartment! The men faced their boyfriend, claiming they thought it was another friendship. Needless to say you have changed the locks.

  • Busy riders, watch what they carry. Our buses have become the primary hunt for robbery, especially among teenagers. Do not blink with your expensive electronics. Look around who else is on the bus, and more importantly, who else can look good to you and what's up. And do not feel too much to listen to your music to ignore what's going on around you.
  • Just do what you need. Do not take all your credit and debit cards with you. In fact, I isolate my card and my wallet from other forms of ID and keep my keys apart. If you keep everything in a bag and everything has been stolen, there is a risk of identity theft, not just theft. I usually keep the purse in my purse, my driving license and a credit card in a jacket pocket and my key in my pants pocket. No pocket? It may be this timing tips for what you want in this holiday season.
  • A question that is constantly emerging in my defense class – and this becomes more and more relevant as the holiday shopping season is upsetting. Gifts at the last resort at the local mall – how can you protect yourself if your arm is full of festive animosity. The traditional response of self-defense teachers is that they never carry so much that both arms are full. This is a good strategy. If you are overwhelmed, you'll be presenting an inviting goal.

Another option is to do too much to realize that you can do DROP. Yes, put everything down and YELL at the top of the lungs.

And another to consider that the bundles you've been charged with would be the best weapon. friend or two. Not only are they less likely than a lonely man to attack, but also because he has to keep up with friends' plans, and ultimately buy fewer things and not be overwhelmed. ]

  • Or bring others back home. But as you do, read the first tip on this list to ensure goodness to the right recipients.
  • Of course, if you suspect anything or anything, call the 911 immediately. Only a few extra precautions help you avoid lost time, gifts, and possessions. Just a few more momentary awareness can keep your holiday season cheerful and festive for you and the people you care about.

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