Secret Buyer Model Report – How To Get The Pain From Sending Mysterious Buying Report

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After all the fun and excitement of the first secret shopping order, this is the part that is causing the most difficult problem for many people, compiling the report.

It is worth noting that there is really no such thing as a standard report. Each assignment was compiled according to the specific requirements of the sponsor company and, in cooperation with the Secret Shopping Company, the list of questions was designed and compiled for a unique questionnaire.

Subsequently, the basic structure is the questionnaire that applies to most orders. This includes:

  • First Impressions
  • Sales Skill
  • Sales Skill for Sale
  • Closing Sale
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Comprehensive Shopping Experience
  • There are many questions to be answered in multiple choice formats: yes / no, excellent, very good, satisfied, poor, unacceptable, etc. And they will be in a "tick box" or radio button format. They are usually simple and have little difficulty.

    Some questions will ask for more information and experience the most difficulties here. Do not forget that all your sponsors are interested in your experience and not your own opinion. Always keep in mind until you complete the report, and as long as you follow the abbreviation for the letter, the whole process becomes much easier.

    Below is a sample booklet that summarizes the entire shopping experience of purchasing a small, cheap digital camera from a retail chain of a large chain store. This sample gives you an idea of ​​how to build the report and break it into the appropriate sections, depending on how the questionnaire was compiled.

    "I arrived at the store at 11:00, 6 clients were in the warehouse, one of them was served in the counter, 3 counts behind the counter, the client served the customer, the other two conversed, and none of them gave any recognition. [19659002] They were shelved around three sides of the shop with large cameras along the longest wall behind a glass cover and the cameras had several glass doors sliding each door closed and closed, although I was unable to verify that all the doors closed, I looked through the shelves for a while and after about 3 minutes I contacted the counter where the merchant continued the conversation

    interrupted their conversation and a young man smiled at the early twenties, and he asked me how to help me. It was named Tim with large letters that were light I did not see the name of the other employee when he turned around and entered the shop room. It looked older than Tim, in the early '30s, and I appreciate it. 6 meters high. It was dark, curly hair and glasses. I explained to Tim that I was looking for an inexpensive digital camera that can be taken with me freely. Tim asked me if I had any model and how my budget was. I told him I did not know much about digital cameras and did not want to spend more than $ 150. Tim was very helpful, went through the glass enclosure, opened one of the sliding doors and took three cameras. He closed the cabinet again and brought the cameras to the counter. Then he used one of the Sony cameras, He spent 5 minutes explaining how digital cameras, the particular model features and the best print mode work. He also explained that most cameras have a reasonably priced memory card, and it would be a good idea to buy an extra card with extra memory. He then explained the most important differences between the three selected models that he recommended, the Sony that was offered and advertised in the shop with the posters on the wall, and a display window in the shop. Sony was not the most expensive at 3, but dropped to $ 139.99 in the middle. Tim looked very familiar and enthusiastic and answered the basic questions that were slightly overwhelmed, without being bored.

    I told Tim that I would like to buy the camera when asked if I would like to buy a longer warranty from the manufacturer. I asked him what benefits and gave me a brochure he was talking about. I told him I did not think the extra cost was worth and accepted this and did not try to persuade me. Then he suggested that you consider a camera case as Sony is not part of the package. He showed me two cases that the camera fits, and when I chose 9 for cheaper than 9 for $ 9.99, he said he was perfectly fit to the camera and did not try to increase the higher-cost money.

    is a fast-processed card. Tim placed the camera and his case in a plastic bag, introduced the store's logo and gave me 30 to 5 "x 7" photos for free printing. She did not mention the voucher before. He smiled, he said he hoped you would enjoy the camera and if I had a problem, I could contact him. By the time I went, the other 2 sales assistants both helped clients and there were no other customers in the shop. "

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