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As a former homeowner, I know how important home security is. The sad thing is ignored by most owners, which further increases the chance of a home burglar or home invasion.

The bad part of the house does not just steal the batteries, it damages the home, which is billions of dollars a year. Then there is the feeling of the infringement. Most people view their homes as an interior sanctuary, and when someone violates it there is a terrible feeling here that does not go away. I know because my home was broke many years ago.

There is no doubt that police from all over the world that home security cameras are definitely the best way to increase home security. Invaders who are plugged in & # 39; your area is looking for easy goals. If he sees security cameras on the front door or the back door, he leaves alone and takes someone else to do exactly what he wants to do.

Three Best Surveillance Cameras:

1. A wired indoor or outdoor infrared IP camera that is fully weather-resistant and allows up to 60 feet per night. The IP camera is unique because it connects directly to the computer or to the DVR and captures the images. It uses an IP address that transmits the video over the network. There is no additional hardware for recording and the software supports up to 16 cameras.

2nd The nightly high definition color dome camera with infrared night vision features up to 80 meters and a 550-pixel television with a very high resolution, waterproof, dusty and hard as a cliff to prevent fracture.

3rd High-resolution color 540 TV lines and 56 infrared LED color cameras can reach up to 150 meters per night and deliver the highest quality resolution.

Home security cameras were expensive, but no longer. We always recommend that homeowners get one for the front door and one on the back door to provide maximum protection. When do you get one?

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