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Non-violent self-defense elements have been grouped around generations for one and a half. In the 1300's, pea sprays began to commence when the Chinese started throwing hot spices to their enemies. Of course they come from. At the beginning of the 1900s, stun guns were invented when the farmer needed a way to move the cattle a bit more efficiently, thus creating bovine animals. Stun guns have since gone a long way.

Of course there are many other reasons to choose an alternative alternative. But these products have been extremely successful in the past decade.

Military and law enforcement purposes have achieved tremendous results. Next time, a police officer can see his auxiliary ribbon or ask him why he wears a paprika spray and some drug. It tells you that they are very effective in reducing criminals without using deadly force.

Basically, three categories of self defense elements. These are:

1. Stun Tools – We usually think of stun guns. Stun guns break the neuro-muscle system for 5 to 10 minutes. With a 3-5-second application, the body works too fast, just like the marathon run. It exhausts all the blood sugar, so there is no energy. The Tasers shoots two lightning strikes so that when they reach the target overrides the central nervous system with incredible pull-out performance – bigger than a 9-mm handgun. They have almost 100 percent stopping power

. Protective spray – Also known as pepper spray. It is used as a derivative of cayenne pepper, one of the hottest pieces in the world, oleoresin capsicum or OC. Available as vapor, foam or gel. The range can be up to 25 meters with a bush pistol, but usually in the range of 8-10 ft. Spray on the surface of the OC spray leads to drowning, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, and eye veins that close the eye. And oh, yes, there is some pain. Plenty.

3rd Personal Alarms – Really defensive noise barriers. They are very effective in different situations. If you feel attacked or threatened at a remote location, a 125dB personal alert will blow out the situation of nearby citizens and scare off most attackers. These are the Perfect Self Defense Products for Women

When You Want to Protect Self Defense Products The Wonderful Way

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