Self Defense Products – Pretender Stun Gun – Product Review

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World Military Units and Police Organizations have been using self-defense products for decades, such as controlling masses and detecting criminals. These are the non-lethal alternatives to deadly power. Over the past ten years self defense products have become very popular in the civic community. They went from law enforcement and military use to civilian use.

The reason they became popular to work. Orders have an average of nearly one hundred percent efficiency. Stun guns and pepper sprouts have an average of nearly 86 percent.

All self defense products are designed to give you time to leave a potentially dangerous situation to get help. They can cause transient pain, but they can not cause permanent pain.

Stun guns are the second most popular element for personal safety just behind the pea sprayer. These are manual devices that have an electrical charge at both ends. If the stopper is applied for at least 4 seconds, electrical current causes excessive work of the body. glucose to form lactic acid. High voltage and low current are used to disable the attacker for up to 5 minutes.

The gossip gun looks like a cell phone with a stun gun camera. This is the added benefit of the surprise. You can hold it with your age as you pretend to call and actually carry 4.5 million weapons of noble weaponry.

Very light, 12 LED flashlight and accessory to the case and the required batteries for free. The standard version is black but pink. There are two built-in security levels: the security switch must be switched on and the start button must be pressed before the device is running.

When will you get one?

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