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Self-defense devices, also called self-defense products, are less than deadly alternatives to the deadly power of a gun. Their purpose is to give the user time in a dangerous attacker. The most common self-defense devices include stun guns, borsprémias and tasers.

Over the last decade, they have been popular because Stun Master, Mace Brand and Taser International have done a great job of distributing their products, which makes women particularly attractive.

Most people do not know this, but ten out of ten targets of violence are nine. Everything ranging from street crime to domestic violence, home invasion, and carjackings to women is the perverting offensive targets.

So what do women want? My advice is to get some self-defense tools. Learn how to use them, practice them, and always carry them with you. There are literally thousands there. So how do you know which one is the best?

Based on my five years of experience, one of the major distributors of self-defense products, there are three opinions.

first The Mace Butterfly gun is the most effective self defense tool for $ 300. Replaceable cartridges or cartridges are used for the OC spray – with a full 10 percent concentration – enough to shoot 7 25 feet. This makes the bourgeois gun perfectly protected against multiple attackers. Many of my clients find perfect protection against the charging dog.

2nd The gossip gun was one of the strongest in the world at 4.5 million. It's disguised as a cell phone with a camera inside it. Using the bad guy for a 3-5 second period, the ball bends because there is no energy. The electric charge fills all the blood sugar in the body. It also causes you to become disheartened and lose balance.

3rd The Taser C2 model is perfect for women. Small enough to carry it in your hands, pockets or purse. Pull out two thumbs that are electrified by 50,000 volts. It uses low voltage and high power consumption. Its stopping power is more than a 9 mm handgun and has a nearly 100 percent impact.

These are the three best self defense tools for women. When do you get one?

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