Seoul – Discover the paradises of South Korea

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The Blue House … The Presidents' Residence

The Seoul Blue House not only offers historical enrichment but also offers green gardens that your eyes can enjoy. The blue tile on the ceiling of the building is where the name gets. Architecture is typically Korean. If you visit Saturday morning you will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the military band outside the Blue House. This blue beauty stands in the backdrop of the mighty Mount Bugaksan, which simply enhances its splendor.

Hongdae … and Nightlife Buzz

The Hongdae district, which includes Seoul Hongik University, is best known for its nightlife. This is the main reason why tourists are frequent in this area. Come and discover the youth again with the dancing and jazz of streets decorated with night charm. Valuable as one of the must-visit Seoul attractions. The streets are filled with exciting pubs and nightclubs. The music captured from the Karaoke node captures itself all the while without realizing that the dawn knocks. Yes! This is attractive.

Mt Bukhan … Look at your Heart

The Bhukhan Mountains overlooking Seoul City, also known as Bukhansan, are a spectacular mountain attraction. Also linked to Bukhansan National Park. For all natural fans, this site is famous for rock climbers and bird watchers. So rent a car at your feet and start off on a Saturday and Sunday with a happy ride. The base is full of aromatic food counters lure the appetite. So after a tiring hike, you can simply satisfy yourself in a gastronomic event.

Namdaemun Market … The Paradise of Customers

This famous market comes from the 1960s. When in Seoul, there are not really missing shopping goods in the Namdaemun market. Otherwise, it is also the best place to try the local street food lips licking. You can buy souvenirs for your loved ones home. He specializes in Korean handicrafts. Unlike the damaging markets, this location offers things within your budget.

Trickeye Museum … The Home of Optical Illusion

This museum is located in the center of the nightlife of Hongdae, which is true to its name as it has a variety of eye shadows. This museum uses techniques to bring it to the 3D world while looking at a 2D image. Have you ever imagined the concept of interactive art? This museum guarantees not only that you are disappointed with innovation. This is especially the place to visit if you are a photographer who is looking for new topics. Visit to the Trickeye Museum is definitely one of the most popular things in Seoul.

Andong day trip … The heart of the village in the midst of technology

Cooperate with the aesthetic and cultural heritage associated with South Korea. Andong, which gives a rustic feeling. In the village's rich art and traditions. This day outing is a delightful day out for honeymooners and hikers in the village of Hahoe, providing comfortable accommodation and lunch. The guide is a local one, helping tourists mix with the Andong culture. The package includes free pickups from the hotel and drop-offs.

Seoraksan Mountains … Excursions to the mighty summits

The overcrowding of the city's life becomes a promo and this is a vacation. So do not forget the nerve soothing option around Seoul, called the Seoraksan Mountains. The rough granite features of impressive peaks are definitely attractions. The train ropes you can take on this day's excursion offer breathtaking views of the deep valleys. The local professional guide provides enriching knowledge-packed experience in explaining the Buddhist heritage. Korean cuisine is another occasion for diving on this road.

Street Food Walking … like never before

Seoul is the ultimate destination food, attesting to its status with a wide range of local street foods. Ancient streets and lobbies serve as a food paradise that tastes your taste buds with the varied and odorous flavor of authentic Korean dishes. The customized street food tour also contains a guide that can become a favorite of all Korean delicacies. Along the way, enjoy the passionate affinity with aphrodisiac food and interesting local history.

With Seoul you can easily enjoy and move on bicycles. Come to Seoul's crowded car-crowded streets and look at the city differently. You can add it to the list of unique things in Seoul. This is achieved with romantic cycling tours along specially paved streets. It is basically a great way to absorb local culture and life.

How to get to Seoul

By plane: Seoul has two international airports. Incheon International Airport is the main airport with international flights from all major countries. Gimpo International Airport operates as a domestic airport, but international flights depart from countries such as Japan, Taiwan and China.

Road: Seoul is well connected to motorways and expressways. Or you can rent a car or have a bus, as the city has 5 bus stations.

Waterways: The South Korean ferry connection to Chinese ports, Russian Vladivosts and Japanese Sakaiminato

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