Shake Weight Reviews – The Pros and Cons of Shake Weight

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When you read this article, you should have seen the infomercial product of Shake Weight, the new fitness product that became popular after its release on TV. What most people focus on is infomercial in nature, suggesting that at least one late-night conversation host is fun. In this article, I'd like to see that the product is shaking the product, not the ad, and finding the merits of the product.

Shaking weight is simple. You hold it in one hand or both and shake it easily. Both sides of the weight have a spring effect, so training shakes and keeps the battery in place. The device is designed for the upper body and uses arms, shoulders and chest muscles.

Of course, no product is perfect. One way to decide for yourself is to know the benefits and disadvantages of the machine. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of Shake Weight you need to know?


– Shake Weight is an affordable device, unlike the over-the-art fitness products in today's world.

– This product has a Money Back Guarantee

– Easy to Use

– Can be used at home, in the car, in vacation virtually everywhere

– Muscle Strength

] Cons: There is no reason for shaking to result in more feminine muscle growth

– It is unlikely to be more productive than regular exercise, routine

– Single weight while dumbbells are available in many different weights

– Can not use to operate the lower body equally

As you can see, there are good points and bad things to do about this product. You have to decide that this is something you will use. If so, then try it out. If not, you can still get regular training and excellent results

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