Shaklee Vivix – a realistic review of Shaklee Vivix

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In 2008, Shaklee Corporation introduced a unique product to the Vivix market. Shaklee spent years in Vivix's research and formulation. Vivix's primary ingredient is so-called resveratrol, a natural substance found in red wine. Studies in mice have shown that resveratrol counterbs the high calorie diet and potentially extends their lives.

With many health benefits of resveratrol, we have to take a lot of drinks to really enjoy the benefits. Here comes Shaklee and Vivix. Shaklee has created the anti-aging Vivix, the equivalent of 3,000 glasses of red wine resveratrol, with a patented herbal extract following the largest research project in its 52-year history.

This combination means that the aging of the cells involves four main factors: protecting and improving DNA, slowing down genetic regulation, cell generation, and aging. While these claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the long-term result of Shaklee's excellence and purity is the guarantee that Vivix can count on. After tasting Vivix, I can say that this product is awesome! It is a red syrup that is gentle sweet grape juice.

If you want to buy Vivix directly, without having a certificate for a Shaklee qualified buyer or distributor, you can pay for $ 100.00. If you become a Shaklee distributor you will save about 15% at this price and earn half a personal volume every month for bonuses.

While Shaklee has a lot of excellent products, Vivix is ​​by far the best product I've tried. Not only is Vivix appealing to those who want to live longer and healthier lives, but their taste desires more and more, and does not bother every time you want to think.

I understand that Vivix can cost a lot of people but for those who have taken the opportunity to join the Shaklee Business Opportunity, Vivix is ​​a great product that is unique. Shaklee raised Vivix's health and nutrition and offered consumers a choice of the best resveratrol available on the market.

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