Shopaholic! How to get Shop-A-Holic's dependency?

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Shopping malls find little way to get money. Here's how to avoid "" shopping after a purchase "".

Mannequins – If a school of clothing is wearing a manniquin, they will fill them with a cloth. As you see them either in the store or through the window, they have an immediate impact on the impulse, and look closely at whether you need to "intend." But not, a key element is enough for your wardrobe to be completely new.

Buy alone – Buy is a fun time for girls When your friends are in your presence, you feel like you're trying to buy a pet.

Variable Rooms – More than 25% of girls who are trying to get dressed – have noticed that most tags are red and white – they consciously activate the Christmas feeling and "gifts" when they see these labels, they buy them, so sales assistants approach and suggest trying their clothes. Do not tempt it

Mirror Mirrors – Stores are installing flattering lighting and slimmer mirrors that do not give true reflection. Do not be foolish!

Bin The Basket! "If there was no basket, can you carry it?" If there is an empty basket then it is more likely to be filled. So put the basket in your basket so you only get important things.

Your nearest Starbucks! – Do you notice that these days retail stores have a coffee shop installed? You have noticed where it was placed .. on the back of your back so you have to go through all the products before you order coffee. Do not fall in!

Look to the left! "Since most of us are handsome, we tend to look right when we enter the business. This is where stores have put expensive and attractive products – so look to the left!

"Want to save 10% …" – It's a very promising start before you buy it for the first time! Shop Assistants are encouraging you to open a store card and help you save more, but it will go back and spend longer on the long run. Better not.

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