Shopping Cart Loss and theft – Prevent loss in the store

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The shopping cart is provided by a shop for customers. Customers collect shopping carts comfortably in commodities when they shop in the store. Customers will collect the desired goods in the basket and continue to checkout for a stand to pay for the goods. After passing through the checkout line, customers imported the paid goods from their shopping cart to the cars. Often, they do not bring the wagons back to the proper destination and do not leave them scattered in the parking lot, or even worse they are stolen! Lost shopping carts can add up to eight to ten thousand dollars a year in revenue. Lost or stolen shopping carts have become so uncomfortable that more than 200 cities in the United States executed the ceremonies that require retailers to find ways to leave their carts. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent theft of the basket. Electronic systems such as locking wheels, trunk or brake lining and alarm systems effectively block the theft of shopping carts. Physical restrictions, such as security guards, vertical pole connections, and magnetic stripe, can effectively hinder theft of shopping carts.

The most effective way to prevent people from stealing shopping carts is an electronic wheel locking system. This system operates with a thin wire located at the edge of the parking lot of shops. If the wheel crosses the circumference, it automatically closes the car. You can open the wheels by pressing a remote control button.

Alternatively, the trunk or brake sleeve is not inside the wheel, but rather on the cover. When the shopping cart is outside the stored storage compartment, the brake sleeve covers the wheel to avoid rolling. One disadvantage of this method is that if any part of the trunk is broken, the whole mechanism must be replaced. Dirt, snow and other materials can easily get jammed into the boot and can be blocked. Another disadvantage of this method is that it does not use a remote control to release the wheel as an electronic wheel locking system, man bend and unlock the trunk manually so that the basket can be reused.

Motorized shopping carts are popular with the elderly or disabled buyers. These wagons are extremely expensive, so the thieves really want it! Losing a single motorized shopping cart can hardly forge retailers. To prevent such devices being lost, the wireless device on the back of the motorized carriage prevents the car from reaching the invisible barrier designated. The car can be restarted at the touch of a button on the remote control of the warehouse or returned to the release box

Another effective way to prevent the shopping cart is lost or stolen, an alarm system. The alarm system has two components: an alarm and a tax environment circle installed at the entrance and exit of the warehouse. The shopping cart has an alert and an alarm signal. After the shopping cart passes through the warning line, the warning tone goes out. The alarm is off when the basket returns to the designated area. If the customer chooses to ignore the warning and continue to cross the line, the shopping cart will give a higher pitch and a loudest tone. Although this system may call into question the client does not prevent the car from leaving the room.

Security guards are people who were hired to protect property, assets, and people. Buyers are less likely to steal their shopping carts if they know they are being watched. Security guards greatly reduce theft of shopping carts, but additional staffing may be expensive. To ensure that security guards can have a significant impact, all exit modes of the parking area must be placed to ensure that no one goes to the shopping cart.

Physical restraint reducing theft of shopping carts is the vertical pole. This shirt is tied to shopping carts, preventing wagons from leaving the store. The only disadvantage of this method is the discomfort that can be caused to consumers who need to deliver large amounts of food or goods from the store to their car.

The last method to prevent theft of shopping carts is a magnetic stripe embedded in the edge of the shopping mall. Each shopping trolley is equipped with a locking device with two wheels, and as the car approaches the magnetic strip, the wheels are kept dry.

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