Shopping for Food in Rosarito Area Supermarkets, Baja

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We dazzled most of them when we came here and expect supermarkets to be like the United States. When I first came to the area, 9 years ago there were two old supermarkets, Calimax and Commercial. The trade has brought new, bigger businesses. WalMart landed 3 years ago with a supermarket that contains food. Coupons are not used here, so these items have no frenetic marketing. Calimax offers a gift card to track your purchases. Each item has two prices, one with the card and one without. There is often a small tip. The same applies to the baggers of your food. It is easy to get the same amount of food that you would buy in half the price in the States. California is one of the highest-priced places I have ever had in the food industry, which seems like a great bonus. The first thing I noticed in each of them was the bakeries near the entrance. They serve. One is a pizza dish, a pair of pliers, and begins to pick the most odd looking cakes. The only friend of Mexican wedding cakes. Big puffs that look like cakes with scrambled sugar in different colors and sizes. Other cookies and muffins in different textures and colors that are used in the north. Since it seems to be a prudent new thing in a new country, I would choose 8 and take them home. My favorites became such pastries as butterflies, honey covered and baked to brown. It comes with almost all broken sugar. Sugar is mostly from the outside since many cakes are not very sweet, with a rather heavy texture, without the flavors such as lemons or almonds that have been used for a long time. Cakes tend to be tasty and wet, so I would suggest sticking to them for sweets. The bread is good. Fairly affordable, about thirty cents a roll of about five inches elongated a day several times. Some customers then placed about twenty to thirty in the pizza ovens after they got out of the ovens.

Production is cheaper here than in the States, just like meat, cheeses, fish and the like. Do not wait for 3-4 prepared frozen foods. Or have as many different items as you can expect. Most of the food is out of nowhere. You can buy frozen pizzas, but the quality is not very good. On Tuesday, the value days of the Commercials and WalMart, the loss leaders as 10 grapefruit for one dollar. Today, it may be crowded to prepare for this. Overcurrent display of the product, select your own pieces of meat from a chilled basket

You will see more native Mexican products such as papaya, plantains and mangoes. Mexicans use a lot of plum tomatoes and various chili peppers. Dried peppers can also be found in the product class. They are delicious and excellent with beans, posole, and chili dishes. Some of the best salads I used were dried chipotle peppers, which deeply flavored them. Cilantro and parsley are abundant, but not basil or other unpasteurized specialties. Canned tomatoes are uncommon, but the Mexican paradise is often fresh from the local fields and has a smell like the smell of tomato.

It does not hurt a bit, but the pointer index and the four-finger pointer function well. Pounds are not used, pounds. One pound is about two pounds. If you want half a pound of turkey ham, ask for the pound of the medium. Approximately a pound of turkey ham costs three dollars. The meat pieces are different. Pork is often about half a inch. Lots of beef and good. The beef is cut into small slices and is mostly used for carne asada. Taco stands use the most time. It is no older or marble, and probably beige beef. Pork is delicious and good value. The chicken is wonderfully inexpensive if you like the thighs and thighs, usually about sixty cents pounds. He was mostly frozen.

Most of the grain will look different. One of the elements I love in a cereal box is boxed milk. First I saw boxed milk in France years ago. It is so useful that it can be used for a much longer time than the dairy. The baking corridor will not have everything you see. Less blends. For a variety of flour tortillas. By hard press, you find yeast or baking powder in less gigantic sizes. Maybe chocolate chips, but not wafers, or the other tastes of baking.

The cleansing corridors will not have 30 different soaps, which I find refreshing. Some special items such as hard water stain removers should not be. Tiny raw materials such as bleaches, floor cleaning solutions, pots and ammonia.

Some people like the flavor of certain American elements like butter and wait until they cross the border to buy. Many complain about the lack of beef, though the chicken has more flavor. Everyone gets used to it. Try a bit, try new items when you buy and compare to yourself. In Mexico, you will enjoy buying food when you go to the open mind.

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