Shopping Sex Differences: Hunting or Collecting

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I heard a man in a radio call telling how much money he has on his nail polish. I personally do not buy nail polish, but I still have to sympathize with the man's wife. If you like it as a lot of men, I know your wife will take $ 5 nail polish while paying for a motorboat.

My husband's mind is the only thing between them and a Harley-Davidson Sportster or a Triumph TR6. While I'm standing there – and I'm definitely rooting what I can say – I'm certainly not alone. There are thousands of dollars between them and everything you want. And this is a very shocking obstacle as usual, I believe in it or not.

Women and men are very different in their shopping extravagance. There are, of course, exceptions, but usually when women buy, they buy clothes (or two or three) for themselves and underwear for the whole family. When men are shopping, they need a lady.

In my opinion, purchasing differences may come from hunter / gatherer beginnings. When people want to buy something they want to pull home. Undoubtedly, they attract far fewer elements than their wives, but advance when comparing purchases rather than the volume.

My friend took her husband to buy in wholesale stores. He swears a little bit that he just left his eyes for a moment. But that was long enough to look for a television and put it in his basket – the paper towels and the soup soup he collected.

The collector buys the purchase because the kids need food or clothing – or because nothing can stay. Warning did not say, "nothing in his closet." There's always plenty in your closet. The problem does not fit at all. So you gotta collect and collect it? Something else that does not fit because you want to lose weight anyway. In other words, when women buy, they do not feel enough of their bodies. When men buy, they do not feel enough about their fleet.

Women also feel that they need to change their style. For their credit, men often look for objects that never go out of style, though they require regular maintenance – and new tools.

Many of the women I know not only meet you and your family. I know a woman who bought a dog food case because it was sold. She does not even have a dog, but her sister does not. A man does not think he would bring home food for someone else's dog. But you can bring a dog home.

Hunters and collectors behaved differently when buying a home from home. Many women I know hide the acquisitions from their husbands who are overly accused of them. Quickly remove the labels and throw the new socks and underwear into the dirty obstacle. If a husband notices his wife's new dress, he tells her that she was in dry cleaning. (The wise woman keeps the dry cleaning bags by hand.) Or she says her sister has fallen down. The wise woman has a sister.

But men have difficulty in hiding what they spend at home. This is because quite often, buying a person requires the addition of a garage. And most wives will notice it.

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