Singapore buy – 5 major shopping destinations in Singapore

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Singapore is one of the world's most popular tourist attractions. Many tourists arrive every year in Singapore for the holidays. Many factors make Singapore one of the best tourist attractions, and one of the factors is that Singapore is a shopping paradise.

If you're a businessman, you definitely have to visit Singapore. Each year, from May to June, there will be a major Singapore sales (GSS). During this period almost all the major shopping malls and boutiques offer 70% discount on goods.

Now allow me to share you with five great shopping destinations to visit when you arrive in Singapore:
1. Sim Lim Square. If you like the gadget, Sim Lim Square is a place where you can not afford it. Sim Lim is a gadget center in Singapore. You can find all kinds of electronic goods and IT accessories and tourists can enjoy the tax-free shopping there.

2nd Orchard Road. Orchard Road is the most popular shopping center in Singapore. Almost all tourists coming to Singapore will visit Orchard Road. Big shopping malls like Takashimaya, Paragon, Tangs and Wisma Atria. If you have branded products such as LV, Gucci, Zara and Guess, Orchard Road is the right place for you.

3rd Vivo City. Vivo City is the largest shopping mall in Singapore. It is located on the Habour Front, and is very close to Sentosa. Sentosa is a seaside island with its famous beach and scenery. Purchasing Vivo is a great idea, because after spending a day shopping, you can tune to Sentosa and enjoy the beautiful nightlife with your loved ones.

4th Bugis Street. If you are in trendy street wear, Bugis Street is the right place for you. One thing you have to remember when you buy in Bugis Street is not to take the first bid as a final bid. Some unethical sellers deliberately increase the price of goods when they sell their tourists. Always remember to negotiate.

5th Chinatown. Chinatown's famous food, shopping and culture. You will find many fine Chinese restaurants with delicious Chinese cuisine. Many shops and stores can be bought.

So, when you travel to Singapore, remember to visit these shopping areas. Try coming to May or June, so you will not miss GSS. Be a safe and fun vacation. Visit here!

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