Smart Hotel revenue managers follow the price of the tournament using the Advanced Rate Shopping tool

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Travelers today are technicians who know how to apply technology to make travel cheaper, more comfortable, and convenient. Technology allows them to stay on the road without worrying about the route, the route, and even the accommodation. Even on the go, they can choose between different hotels to fit their budget and requirements perfectly without jeopardizing any front. Credit is available in the form of mobile sites and mobile applications, thanks to the smooth availability of metasearch websites and OTA mobile phones. The hotels were also proactive to perceive paradigm shift and shape their overall strategy to encourage and support mobile reservations. Now they are using advanced shopping software that can analyze pricing from the full competition and choose the best price for each room in the hotel inventory. In the hospitality industry, we managed to eliminate the right fees for the right customers at the right time to achieve maximum revenue

In this era of fierce competition and the ever-changing demand for manual tracking from the race is impossible. Additionally, the prices of the same hotel room may differ from OTA to the other, even in the search venue and the type of traveler. Differential pricing is the latest industry trend and only an advanced RateShopping tool is no less important for it to be competitive and profitable in this complex market dynamics

Effective RateShopping tool can control the prices of thousands of competing hotels across hundreds of different channels, including OTAs to conduct a detailed competition analysis that will help the hotel to design the best pricing strategies among its competitors. However, according to the current scenario, only a basic RateShopping tool is not sufficient to eliminate the good price strategy. Intelligent hotel owners use a lot of tricks to reach high bookings and earnings. Some of them are differential pricing, including the definition of hotel prices at different locations, ie pricing based on geographic location. Device-based pricing using pricing based on the device. These combinations consider the role of the competitor tracking task even more to revenue managers. Therefore, it is time to evaluate the existing RateShopping tool and see if you are well trained enough to give you the necessary tracking requirements. If not, it's time to move on to those who have these features.

Here are some of the key features of a highly-priced shopping tool that can thoroughly analyze your competitors' prices:


  1. Geo-based pricing: In order to overcome the differences in payment ability of guests from different countries, hotels have launched differential pricing based on the geographic basis of the hotel booking. For example, one person in Australia and one person in Brazil willing to book a hotel in Malaysia, they both get different rates in the same room as they belong to different countries. Intelligent shopping tools provide a thorough analysis of the price offered by a competitor to travelers in different countries around the world. This information is crucial in the sense that a hotel in the world can sell the same price in its inventory where a competitor needs to be weaker by offering less.
  2. Mobile rates vs desktop awards: With the emergence of smart phones, mobile devices have become the most popular tools among the masses to browse destinations, hotels and even bookings. The traveler is always on the move, there are no fixed routes, and should take the whole trip several times when traveling from one place to another. Data shows that last year around 150 million bookings were made through mobile devices and the number is growing. Hotels also strive to encourage travelers to use their mobile phone book, especially through mobile apps, where they offer discounted rates on desktop and mobile sites. This type of asset-specific differentiated pricing is even more challenging for revenue managers to be competitive at prices. An evolutionary RateShopping tool detects all differential pricing models that are in a competitor race and provides a perfect touch to competing mobile apps. Such insight-based information is forced by hotel owners to set the best price in their inventory to compete on the market with the lowest prices.
  3. Membership fee against non-membership fees: A rewarding and profitable loyalty program for every good hotel. Hotels treat their loyal customers differently as they offer prices that are not available on OTA or even on the hotel's own website. But intelligent revenue even penetrates into such loyalty offers, and the Close User Group (CUG) offering is offered by the loyal customers' competition, giving a holistic picture of the competitor's pricing strategy. This key information helps the hotel to offer the same form of pricing in the same form, that is to say the other, which is fun for their money. In addition, all the information is presented in a desired statistical and graphical format that allows quick interpretation so that immediate pricing decisions can be taken.

An appropriate pricing strategy can be a determining factor in hotel performance, so it is imperative that honest knowledge of competitors' prices always be a winner. The introduction of an intelligent and insightful RateShopping tool that closely fits all major OTAs, Meta Websites and the hotel's home page are half-ready. This can help every hotel to increase its pricing strategy, promote the equity ratio and offer the best in the hotel.

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