Sony NEX 5KB Alpha Compact Camera – Product Overview

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The Sony NEX 5KB is a very versatile digital camera that seeks on a serious photographer looking for quality associated with spontaneity. The new Sony is a revolutionary new compact device with removable lenses that increases shooting options and maintains creative flexibility. This camera is the lightest and most compact interchangeable part of the world and includes some unique features that combine with a new technology to get you into the forefront when compared to other cameras in the classroom; the Sony Publicity department says. Let's take a look at ourselves. The camera has the following.

Lens Kit E 18-55mm

Lens Hood

Lens Cap.


Bag Flash

Battery Charger

Power Cable

Rechargeable Battery

Shoulder strap.

USB cable.


Sony Cybershot users who want to go into the classroom will enhance home feel and control and will surely see the quality of the delivered quality. For others who do not yet own Sony, you'll be amazed at how small this camera is; the body is barely 24 mm thick and has so much technology inside. Replaceable lens compact cameras form a whole new world, and on the surface it seems as if Sony surpassed its rivals. But is it as good as it looks?

I admit I liked it, and I found the "Sweep Panorama" mode very useful, which is a bit noisy, but lets you take snapshots of a panorama view and smoothly fit them together. Manual Twilight is another great way to combine some images with a sharp image.

Movie mode is a massive improvement of Cybershot, but the price difference must be. One disadvantage, however, is that it has no manual exposure control, so there are still problems with Sony. My opinion is that you use this type of camera to make videos, definitely not. Bring a camcorder to yourself and keep this still image.

For me, the interface of the camera is a bit small and complicated and takes time to get used to it; If you want to make a lot of adjustments, it may seem a bit tiring.

Is my conclusion? This camera is designed for people who want to increase average low-cost digital images and begin to produce professional-quality images. Image quality is really different in comparison to other compilations. A more experienced photographer will probably give this missing cause than a Sony. It comes from 10. Great 9.5.

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