Source Naturals Wellness Formula product review – whether you try it or not?

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Source Naturals Wellness Formula has received a lot of attention as the highest level winter supplement. In this article I will look at what constitutes the Wellness Formula and look at what some people said.

Wellness Formula is a combination of herbs, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, physical imbalances. It aims to strengthen the immune system, protect the body against stress, fight antioxidant and free radicals. Another goal is to clean the mucous membranes, to clean the mucous membranes from the upper respiratory tract and to feel faster. This is a rather high list.

Let's start by looking at the Source Natural Wellness formula.

The main components per serving and% daily are as follows:

Vitamin A 5000 IU 100% Zinc 23 mg 150% Vitamin C 1,290 mg 2,150% Selenium 60 mcg 90% Copper 300 mg 15% [19659002] Other ingredients to be considered: 360 mg garlic cloves, 240 mg propylene (324 mg), echinacea root extract (200 mg), echinacea pallida root (142 mg), 100 mg horsehair aids, 84 mg bioflavonoids, astragalus root extract mg), golden yellow root (45mg), 33mg bark extract, 15mg grape seed extract, ginger extract (15mg).


The wellness formula is a bio-aligned formula to align multiple interconnected systems that affect winter health. It works like this.

The first, which is the Source Naturals Wellness formula, is to promote the immune system. The immune system contains barriers that prevent foreign substances from entering the body, such as the skin, mucous membranes, and the cough reflex. If these constraints fail, protection is then provided by the internal parts. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Astragalus all play a primary role in strengthening the immune system.

One of the main goals of Wellness Formula is to clean mucous membranes. Our nosocytes, sinuses, throat and bronchial tubes are protected by mucous membranes, the dermal layers of connective tissue, which are the first line of immune cut. Cleaning the mucous membranes plays an important role in the immune system. Vitamin A is required in the selection of mucin (the constituent of the mucus) in the mucous membranes of the intestine and the integrity of the connective tissues. Vitamin C, honey pots, copper and zinc also support the integrity of vessels and membranes. Astragalus, Isatis, Garlic, Goldenseal, Oregon Grape and Pure Disease are herbs that purify the mucous membranes

Mucous membranes are important for the immune system, too much mucous membrane may be bad. The wellness formula includes herbs, such as the apple, the horsehair, the oregonic grapes and the goldensea, which support the absorption of the body in the upper respiratory tract.

We now knew that emotional and physiological stress had a significant effect on the immune system. The herbal astragalus supports stress responses.

In carrying out their immune functions, white blood cells produce free radicals that are highly reactive molecules that can damage the white blood cells that produce them. Vitamin C, which is a free radial cleanser, is concentrated into certain white blood cells and has a built-in defense system. Source Naturals Wellness Formula contains a high dose of vitamin C. Bioflavonoids act as supplementary factors for vitamin C. An additional dose of antioxidants is provided by Vitamin A, Copper, Selenium and Powder. Real Life

It looks like everyone's there. Wellness Formula seems to be a super-disease fight. It looks fabulous on paper. Let's take a look at what others have to say about it. I went to several places that sell the Wellness Formula and sampled the reviews of customers. This survey, which I bought, was completely random and I did not refuse any answer. The results were as follows:

The rating ranged from 1 (low) to 5 (high). Out of 20 customer ratings, 17 of the Wellness Formula 5, 1 out of 4, scored 1, 2 and 1 in Wellness Formula 1. The mean value was 4.6.

negative comments on Wellness Formula were as follows:

1. Be careful if you are allergic. One person mentions that he was probably allergic to one of the herbs and had a chest tightness and had difficulty finding the Wellness Formula. 2. The tablets are quite large and the odors and taste are somewhat bad. (Wellness Formula formerly consisted of large tablets that were slightly odorless, but now come in medium-sized gel capsules, no flavors, this is a good improvement.) 3. It is best to take food.

Among the Favored Remarks:

1. It works well as cold, like viral infections. 2. Best is the first sign of imbalance. It has been repeatedly mentioned that when the first symptoms of the disease are followed, Wellness Formula either eliminated the disease, reduced the symptoms, or shortened the duration. 3. The wellness formula works well as a winter time pre-emptive. It is a good idea to prevent the Wellness Formula when traveling. 4. A number of generally good comments have been received. Much more powerful than negative responses. Source Naturals Wellness Formula looks like a natural plant protection complex that needs to be very effective. The ingredients consist of well-established herbs, vitamins and minerals. The customers' responses were largely positive. When it comes to severe cold or flu, most people will be very miserable. If you can naturally prevent such a disease or even reduce your symptoms or length, most people will almost jump over the solution. Naturals Wellness Formula can be the answer.

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