Spanx Vs Assets Shapewear Review – Which Brand is the Best Women's Dress?

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Many women discovered amazing products produced by Spanx and Assets Shapewear Company. Although both manufacturers are producing slimming machines that are capable of carrying out the planned tasks, there are differences between the two companies that may affect a woman's preference for one company to another.

The first difference is in pricing. Tools Shapewear is a Spanish brand owned by Spanx Company, which offers Spanx Shapewear's cheaper and more affordable version. Spanx offers a wide range of products for women. This line includes full body shapes, bras and panties, swimsuits, pantyhose, pants and men's underwear. The tools are mainly for pantyhose, pants, different styles and panties. Spanx suits are more expensive. For example, the retail price of Super Power Panties is approx. For $ 30, while Assets, Unbelievable Underwear, has a similar costume for half a price.


There is also truth in the old message "Get what you pay for", which points out the second difference between the two lines: quality. For most women, the quality and design of clothing will be the ultimate factor in defining the brand of the chosen product. It's more cost-effective to buy a one-time investment in a more expensive product, such as Spanx, as a cheaper product that needs to be replaced. Spanx clothes are usually made of materials such as nylon, lycra, spandex, elastic and mesh.

Assets products are made of nylon and cotton. These are the same materials used in the control top tights. Cotton material allows the "breathing" of a piece in each product line; thus providing the comfort of the wearer. In general, it is considered that the Spanx clothing is more efficient to contour and smooth the silhouette of a female body, since the materials they create are less flexible than Assets Shapewear materials. The design of the garment will continue to influence the efficiency of the planned tasks.

What do the agents say?

If a woman does not know the shadow offered by the company, read professional and consumer reviews of company products to help her determine the effectiveness and quality of clothing from others' experiences. Overall, women considered that both types of pantyhose and other slimwear suits that these companies wear comfortably. There were a handful of consumers who encountered problems with Spanx stockings or broke down after a limited number of uses. For the price paid for the goods, the quality is expected to be somewhat higher. Most consumers, however, largely agreed that the Spanx suits were very clever enough to be a finer silhouette of their figure. More importantly, these slimming garments remain throughout the day and through various activities, ensuring that the element does not "slide down", does not slip or do not need to be adjusted again.

Consumer's primary complaint to Asset Shapewear is that it did not provide enough difference in numbers to justify a purchase. Despite the fact that they are best known to slightly alleviate their number, the same difference can be reached if the control upper pantyhose is used. The enjoyable elements of Asset Shapewear included the ultimate coloring capability, durability and variety of color choices.

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