Streetwise Brand Stun Guns – Product Reviews

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Streetwise brand drugs are one of the country's most respected products for non-stand-alone protection. In this day and age, when so many products are outsourced to overseas production, Streetwise brand stunts are being made in the US.

These are one of the most trusted and trusted tools that can be used for non-excessive self-defense and women's self-defense. This is a measure of reliability and reliability that guarantees every product's lifetime warranty. Not all manufacturers do it. Probably just behind some of the products like the Streetwise brand.

There are currently 20 different models with narcotic weapons available for personal safety and female self-defense. The range of the product range ranges from $ 14.95 to $ 39.95 for a 5,000,000 meter, black or pink.

One of the leading manufacturers of rechargeable stun guns. So not just startling weapons are coming, but most of them are designed to save money by simply refilling them with a built-in charger that saves money on expensive batteries. Almost all stun guns include a loud alarm, giving you a double task, you can not protect yourself.

The Streetwise brand has two different types of baton stun devices that love personal security for women's self-defense. The most popular is the expandable baton or telescopic stun baton, as sometimes called. When pushed from the switch, it moves from 13 inches to 21 inches and flashes 1000,000 volts.

This telescopic stun bass player is one of the most popular buyers around the country to protect against attacks on dogs.

The world's smallest 3.25 inches, the so-called "Little Fry" and the most powerful weapon in the world with 5000,000 volts, The Blackout .

When stun guns are activated, a terrible sound is heard from the electricity flowing from one probe to the other, and the electric arc passing through each other often enough to intimidate the attackers. When a charge shows a stun gun to an attacker in a potentially dangerous position, it is equivalent to saying "you want a bite?"

If the attacker is not afraid, then the stun gun will use 3-5 seconds of disabling him for 5 to 10 minutes, as all the blood sugar in the body is depleted so he has no energy to do anything without doing anything.

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