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An unexpected truth of the industrial age is that people like to buy. They enjoy picking things up and comparing them; the hunter-gatherers enjoy all the joy without taking care of leopards or hyenas. The modern extension of this is a retail area that closely links many retailers. We've all seen this pattern – this is a shopping mall or a story mall.

Tailrooms are solid for commercial real estate investment, provided that some of the country has a substantial and real employment growth. Current data show that the rate of utilization is increasing, the national vacancy rate is below 8%, and a number of hot markets are below 3%. This means that the majority of urban areas in the country can expect more than 90% utilization (more difficult to fill up rural striprooms, so they need to be warned) and average decrease by about 15% (new tenants replace and replace) annually. Over the past year, rental banners have risen from 1 to 6%, depending on the market, they have made them one of the most important candidates for overcoming inflation and making shopping strategies.

Shopping malls are not the right choice for a buy-and-flip real estate investor, so make sure it matches your overall investment strategy. A good shopping center will generate a revenue stream that is a fairly steady but no more than 5-6% annual rate of return. Like all rental homes, the cycle of job search and the local accumulation and impact of the economic cycle; make sure that your rental income will result in significant cash flow even under low utilization because economic news and job creation and loss such as tides will flood and the bread and butter indicator is the design of your investment.

Cities that have not grown up such as Houston are good candidates for ownership of the striped shopping mall. If you build a new facility like an existing purchase, you can do everything you can to tap your customers before you complete your shopping mall; if you know when the doors are open, you need at least one or two "anchor" businesses in the mall. (The anchor shop is usually a large national chain, usually controlled by electronics or clothing, depending on the demographic choice.)

Strip shopping mall and shopping mall design are a mix of design and creation. See local demographic trends and consider all options. One of the trendiest shopping centers is the so-called lifestyle centers. People seeking entertainment and shopping, lifestyle centers offer theaters, restaurants outside the basic grocery courtyard and have a wider range of parking facilities. Many are more open-minded, and many cities (such as Philadelphia and Houston) provide support to build a shopping mall in a park. Focus on who you want to get to your headquarters and build relationships with businesses that capture your customers.

Recall that malls in today's hectic world are family centers and are designed appropriately. If there is a suboptimal space (which is difficult to rent and has at least one in each mall), consider cost (or less) to YMCA or another charity that provides children with some supervision. The loyalty you build from haris parents from other tenants will appreciate if there is a place in the mall where children can be sent to safe and well-lit gambling while they are away and buy without having to ignore them.

ignores the cultural potential of the shopping center; many aesthetically pleasing and friendly shopping arrangements can be used in small outdoor concerts or small theater productions; In addition to attracting more customers to the mall, it is a kind of distinction that in a world where more than 800 shopping malls opened last year, it opened a total of 106 million feet of floor space and is critical.

Ultimately, its shopping center is an investment in your community and an investment that is solid in return.

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