SunQuest 16RS Solarium – Product Review

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The Wolff Tanning Bed is one of the best in the world. Manufacturers specializing in rigorous quality control, which makes them famous and anywhere you can get a Wolff polish. Commercial and residential models are moderately priced and the company is behind the guarantee

Why is the bed of the 16RS solarium so popular

The SunQuest 16RS solarium bed is the most popular in the Wolff range. This bed works with a standard 120 volt household current that allows you to plug in the wall without worrying about a special circuit breaker, fuse or output. Its easy-to-use digital timer – up to twenty minutes of tanning time – prevents it from staying in bed for too long and the product itself is easy and easy to use. In addition, 95% of the customer has been pre-assembled.

The solarium bed is at the design of the unique and increasingly popular Bio-tech tunnel. It places the razor in the center of the wide, curved bed, allowing even even jaundice and eliminating warm and cool spots in the bed. Manufactured from steel extruded aluminum and specially painted aluminum reflectors for maximum incandescent lamps. The outside is the DuraMax T 2000, a protective canopy.

Advanced Features of 16RS

This solarium bed has a quick-release T-acrylic removal system to help clean and replace incandescent bulbs. Besides the digital timer, there is a redundant backup even if something happens to the head. Each bed has an internal cooling system that prevents the bulbs from overflowing and burning. The SunQuest 16RD is also available as an optional body cooling fan, which will cool off due to charging "rays". This special bed has sixteen 100 Watt Wolff lanterns, eight canopies and eight on the bench. The solarium bed is approx. It must be eight feet to eight feet to place the solarium in your home in any room, preferably near the plug.

SunQuest 16RS Warranty

Wolff is an eighteen-month "bronze medal" from SunQuest 16RS solarium beds. This warranty covers, but is not limited to, 18 months parts; ninety days on acrylic, on lanterns and starter; thirty days for labor; and a lifetime warranty for structural defects. Always make sure the solarium bed comes with the warranty. Or, if you have to buy it by mistake, try to find out exactly how much you can guarantee if you have one.

Currently, the Wolff SunQuest 16RS can be purchased at about $ 1.999.00. Always use the solarium responsibly, clean it and wear safety goggles. With proper care and maintenance, the Wolff SunQuest 16RS solarium lasts for a very long time.

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