The Alarm Clock Home Hidden Camera – Product Review

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A hidden camera is simply a camera camera that is embedded in an object that is preferably very prominent. The onboard camera is a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board.

If you want to observe a hidden camera, you want something that is as obvious as possible. The alarm clock hidden camera is tailored to the task.

This hidden device on a SONY Dream machine has a fully functional FM / AM radio alarm clock with a large green LED display. It contains an alarm, an easily visible alarm, a sleep button, and an alarm volume control. This is Dream Machine.

This surveillance camera has many options.

You can choose a wired or wireless application. The wireless version includes a free 2.4 GHz receiver, up to 1000 feet. A powerful option is available that has an extended range of 2,500 feet, almost half a mile.

Of course, you may choose to be color or black and white. Another option is X-Vision (.003 Lux). This feature is available only on black and white cameras. This allows you to get the best possible images in almost total darkness.

The camera has a 3.7mm wide angle lens with 400-line resolution black and white and 380 color lines.

If you want to know what happens when you're not there, get a home dream camera Sony Dream Machine. Keep an eye on the kids, your dad, or your spouse with an alarm camera.

You can use this security tool in your office or warehouse to help keep your property. Use the security dollar effectively if you need your co-workers or cash.

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