The basics of online shopping carts

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Solid shopping cart is critical to any online business that is involved in the sale of a product. They largely determine the appearance of the entire online store. The system (the encoding used, the file structure and the database setting) that the system is sitting on has much to say about its usefulness and therefore has a strong impact on the fact that the store owner successfully sells its products, either physical commodities to customers or digital for downloads that do not require shipping.

Cart Anatomy

Online store owners often find that there are many bells and whistles in the shopping cart. Some of these are useful. Some confusing factors. Looking at the general role of the shopping cart system, they understand that there are some basic elements that must be at least the most important. Let's look at some

Storage and Administrator Parts

The shopping cart should have two main parts: a showcase and an administrative background. The front part of the system, which is marketed through online advertising, search engine optimization, and other devices, should have an intuitive online store that allows customers to browse and search products, add them to the shopping cart and pay them online. In the shop window section of the online shopping section, you collect customer information such as your customer's name, address, phone number, payment information, and any other information needed to process your order.

The shopping cart cart system, there is an administrative background. The shopping cart system administrator section is password protected. In general, it is only available to the web site administrator or employees of the company.

Thanks to the shopping cart administrator section, shopkeepers are able to display their products at their online store and provide a mechanism for product categorization. Changes made by the administrator on the back of the website will automatically appear in the public warehouse.

The back part should also give storage owners the ability to track customers and orders. Orders placed through the shopping center are automatically displayed in the administrator console clients / orders section. An administrator can edit your orders, change their status, or completely delete them.


Shopping carts typically include a database, some web programming files (usually in a web development language such as PHP or ASP), images and sometimes other support files, such as configuration or template files. In addition to other relevant information, the shopping cart database contains product and customer / order information. The database is designed to be integrated with programming files to create a functional cohesion store.


Obviously not all shopping carts are equal. There are many free shopping carts available and each has its own personality. Strategies for designing product plans, putting products into shopping carts, performing administrative tasks, and so on. They are unique as the right designers. Here are some important questions to consider when implementing a shopping cart solution.

Professional Look

Your online store should be attractive. With so much cheating and hacking in today's world, the online store will tell your customers that you are legal. Most of the popular shopping carts allow shop owners to customize their store's appearance. Taking into account how customers perceive the shopping cart system and store it increases its credibility and efficiency.


Many online stores find customers' frustrating experience while other stores are much more comfortable in the store. The functionality of the system can close transactions or keep potential customers away. Setting up a shopping cart allows customers to browse products with intuitive and useful categories. You should have a search feature that allows customers to quickly find the keywords they want. Some systems, such as Magento, offer layered navigation that allows customers to browse more intelligently in an online store than in a simple category navigation. In today's world where most people are waiting for immediate satisfaction, with an installation that requires too much work to navigate, it may cause death to the business.

Speed ​​

The most serious online customers go through the dial-up modem to access the Internet. Pages are loading fast. While the speed is significantly influenced by the online store you use, the basket system construction also plays an important role. If your site's visitors' expectations are not met and your site pages are slower than their threshold, they will simply go ahead without having a big chance at the online store.

Search Engine Considerations

Search engine traffic is key to building an online store. Some basket systems are better than others to keep up with search engines (Google). For example, there are modules for Zen Cart that allow storage owners to create automatic resources for Google Base that automatically create search engine-friendly URLs for categories and product pages and automatically generate sitemaps that index faster the site's site. ] Which is best for me?

The ultimate decision about which car will use the online store in a villa that is not easy to come back. It is important to carefully consider how you will integrate your business into your online store and choose a system that best suits your needs with full-spectrum features and features. I used a number of different basket systems, including host-based solutions such as Biz Hosting, VirtueMart, Joomla, osCommerce, Magento and Zen Cart. Thanks to the shopping cart, thanks to the speed, flexibility and ease of use, Zen Cart is not for my technical customers. There may be another one that works for you or you may need to build a custom basket for your needs. At least when you understand what questions to consider, then you can make a decision on which way to go.

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