The Essential USANA Review – Is USANA Health Sciences a True Scam?

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Here is your personal USANA review for your own reading experience. The USANA product family is as valuable as a crazy and likely to last a long time. But I may be honest here. Want to review the money's earning site too!

Now, when we look at USANA vitamins, are we looking at health? or riches? The good news is that USANA products are never sold in normal retail stores due to a network marketing license. This is great news to earn money because people can only handle their hand through the USANA Distributor.

** A brief introduction

Let me give you a short introduction about USANA Health Science. This gives a little insight into the very humble beginnings.

All right. USANA Health Sciences was founded in 1992 by a DR Myron Wentz, an absolute expert and world-renowned cell culture technology. He was a huge believer in cellular nutrition and wanted to spread his ideas and convictions to others. He started this by creating a group of nutritional supplements based on cell culture.

** USANA Viamins

So are the products really good? Well, yes, and if you think you have a healthy life with these vitamins, then it's even better news that USANA has gained GMP. What is GMP? (Good Manufacturing Practices Inspection)

One of the slightly disappointing points is the USANA product price. For example, the GrapeSeed extract, which even starts at $ 28 on eBay.

So the product is really good if it's a little overpriced, but what about business launches? What is this cost?

Well, becoming an independent distributor can cost you $ 19 and pay a $ 200 fee to your business center, including some selected products.

** Total healthy nutrition and happiness with USANA? (Maybe not)

So far everything sounds good, but let me give you honest USANA. There is really no problem with the products, the only thing that allows USANA to be downgraded.

Like many other network marketing or MLM payment plans, USANA also uses what is called a binary structure. This means that teams must be built on the left and on the right side of the pay line. This is theoretically great, but in reality, most people only connect with USANA to products and not as business, so your business will eventually end up unless it becomes a rewrite power plant.

** My Conclusion

Nowadays, we can clearly see that USANA is not a scam but is actually a defective business model. There is a much better way to earn money online without filling your garage with unwanted vitamins.

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