The Extreme College Survival Kit – Product Review

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Parents often mistakenly believe college colleges are safe for their daughters. College administrators want you to think your university is safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially for women below women.

The college is full of sexual males, often led by drugs or alcohol or both. Off campus the story is just a bit different from using bands as the campus's primary goal

This dormancy survival kit is specifically designed to make a young woman's life more secure in the dormitory for infrared room alert,

Here's what you get

The battery-operated passive IR motion alarm alarm can be encrypted for any area protection, a door stop alarm, and a wall-mounted papyrus spray that protects you in your room and a lipstick pepper spray, a 1/2 hour keychain and an electronic handkerchief to keep you safe everywhere where you are at campus or campus.

This new kit is a cell phone lite, a book hijacking safe to preserve valuables and a 1/2 hour pepper sprayer on the clip of the car. You also get the fabulous sun alert that is designed to keep you awake while driving, but it works well for long, all-night college colleges that are famous.

Adds a full description of each product and a DVR,. And you get 6 special security reports designed to keep young women safe at university. It's a great resource to make your life safer and safer. College and Campus Safety Tips

2. College Force Report

3. How to get the dormitory or apartment

4. Roommates

5. Secure dating

6. Tools Parents can use to make their child for the dormitory

When do you get one of your dormitory age?

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