The First Wavy Stroller – Product Overview

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The wavy stroller of the first years is a modern fit of classic European-style trousers. The Wave, like other strollers in the first years, promises to have a stroller that's "easier for you, more comfortable for a baby". How exactly and comfortable is this stroller exactly?

The wave has a number of advantages over other branded strollers of the same class. This stroller offers versatility; the comfortable fold-down seat changes from an infant's bassinet to a toddler to accommodate the growing baby. You can also adjust the direction of the stroller seat. The seat faces rearwardly facing forward, simply by twisting the release lever. In addition, the stroller has a universal connector that fits easily with the First Sex Via infant car seat or other child restraints such as Graco SnugRide and Chicco KeyFit. If you're worried about your child's safety, you do not have to worry. The seat is equipped with a five-point strap to ensure that the baby is seated safely.

The first-year wavy stroller is perfect for the baby to take a leisure walk. It is equipped with 7 "diameter front wheels and 11" diameter rear wheels to ensure smooth, smooth running on any surface. It is equipped with higher, adjustable handles. The height is easy to adjust so you can not walk around the rear wheels or the back of the stroller. The canopy is completely adjustable and removable. On a cloudy day, you can open or even remove the flask if you want to show your baby's beautiful day. But on a sunny day, you can pull off the flask and the baby can stay cool under the shade. Wave also has plenty of storage space. A large parent console allows you to make your baby bottle, purse or keys available. Meanwhile, the storage basket under the seat is large enough to buy a diaper bag, other baby supplies or anything along the way. If the seat is removed, you can easily fold the stroller by the easy one-hand drive system and store it in the body.

Despite the wonderful features, the First Years Wave Stroller also has some issues. The frame of the stroller does not stay where to fold. The frame can slip in itself, and it can slip in itself, so you need to take care of it. The stroller also lacks the necessary accessories, such as a cup holder and rain cover.

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