The Five Best Self Defense Products – Product Information

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Crime grows everywhere – just watch local news for the night – depressed!

Wars, attacks, rape, homicide, and robbery all rise. Some blame the economy and high unemployment – who knows why? All we know is that we are all more vulnerable.

So what to do? Self-defense products, such as stun guns, tasers, borsprémiums and so on, are so effective that police officers use them worldwide in their work. Pretty good approval eh?

Remember, the only purpose of self defense products is to give you time to move away from a dangerous situation to help or just get away – nothing more. Neither of them causes permanent damage.

Here are the five best self defense elements of the thousands that are there. Telescopic Stun Baton-It's more than a wire rope. There is a bright and loud 120 DB alarm for beginners. The 13-inch bass guitar is twenty-one inches by the touch of a button. This automatically takes the eighty-and-a-half extension at 800,000 volts. The noise and the sparks that run alone are enough to scare someone. This versatile tool works well on loose dogs.

2nd Multi Function Stunner – The versatile stun gun and the strongest 2.7 million. The rechargeable money saves the get get. It has a super bright LED flashlight with loud alarm and red flashing emergency light. The best feature is a dampening wrist strap. If someone tries to take it away, the needle is released into power so it can not be used against you.

3rd UFO Alarm – Very versatile alarm that acts as a burglar alarm, door / window alarm, personal alarm, bag alarm and torch. No, do not make coffee. Available in 5 colors.

4th Pretender – This extremely cool stun gun is 950,000 inches, with a 4 inches, 2-inch, one-inch package – in manual sizes – which looks like a camera cell phone. Triple Action Spray – Like its name, it says it's a huge 10% solution for OC spray, CN tear gas and UV mark dye ID for bad guys.

There are five of the best self defense products. When do you get one?

If you are looking for us on a market for a self-defense product, you are looking for quality, efficiency and great justice. Stun guns in some states are not legitimate. Check with the local police before you receive it.

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