The harmonic prosthesis leg of Otto Bock – Product Review

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1. Harmony Quantum Control System

If you are a transtibial or transfemoral prosthetic user, this information can be very useful to you. Harmony System is an active volume management system for bk (knees) and knee (knee) amputations. The Harmony system creates an elevated vacuum environment for users. This means that the Harmony system uses a full-surface bearing (TSWB), liner and vacuum pump for air outflow from the system. Further, a sealing sleeve helps to seal the air from the user's lining and the rest of the limb

2. Studies on Harmony

Studies at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN) have shown that the Harmony system to prevent the loss of volume for users. This prosthesis leg minimizes volatility of the residual limb volume while improving binding between the prosthesis leg and the patient's remaining limbs.

3. Effect of Binding

The improved binding that this foot contains, reduces tissue prolongation. Improved connectivity helps reduce travel while helping users reach a more symmetrical walking pattern. This is one of the most important goals for prosthetic legs. Natural, symmetrical walking is a positive result for prosthetic users. This means that the person using the Harmony system will spend an equal amount of time on your lips compared to the prosthesis.

Advantages of Binding Effect: A.) Pain Relief

B.) Improvement of proprioception (proprioception) means that a person is able to perceive internal stimuli regardless of whether they see or not .)

improve C.) the flow of patients remaining at the end of [19659002TovábbáazállíthatólengéscsillapítóésatorziósadapterekamechanikusszivattyúknálsegítikabetegekkényelmesviselkedésétEznyilvánvalóanelőnyösésezekazállíthatólengéscsillapítóksegítikapáciensízületeinekésagerincénektörzsénekenyhítésétis

4th) Where can I get a harmonious prosthetic leg

When the time came to get you, or someone Harmony system he knows best, if you work with local, licensed prosthetics. These individuals have studied prosthetics and are required to pass the exams and continue to be educated only to help with the needs of prosthesis. This process does not happen at night and they will be the best people to help in getting this artificial limb.

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