The new and approved Gina Curl

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Natural hair styling

The trend of moving from chemical to natural does not seem to slow down at all! But do the salons keep up to their skills to keep the customers looking for a transition? Customers try to try their hand while I'm naturally going, but some do not realize they need to have a healthy and strong condition for their hair. There are some issues between fracture, problematic scalp and daily formatting.

If you are in natural condition, be sure to regularly get moisture and protein treatment for hair that is still chemical. Natural hair can mean more products to determine clusters and hairiness. Multiple product use means more cleaning. The structure of the product may lead to dry, itchy scalps. Intensive hair and scalp cleaning is mandatory.

All of these jobs may seem unpleasant, especially for customers who do not know how to care for their hair and do not learn much. They like the idea of ​​restraining their clutter, but they fear they can not handle it.

We now find a solution to the tough work that is needed to get rid of natural, tightly wound hair, product costs, dry and sometimes bad odorless scalp and inadequate shampoo.

The new and improved Gina Curl

It's easier to handle the hair

Select the curl you want

New and improved Gina Curl is in the Japanese straight chemical family, but it gives you more freedom.

This is a three-step process. The first step is "Thioglycolate" soften hair bindings

The second step "rod set" places the hair in the pattern you are looking for and the third step is "oxidizing" bringing back the bonds. The new and improved Gina Curl re-structure the hair follicles to reduce hairiness, making the hair more refined, more smooth, shiny, curly, easier to handle, and moisturized.

The new and improved Gina Curl alternative to formaldehyde is moisturizing systems, sodium hydroxide relaxers and other hard chemical services that allow you to have a soft curl pattern. This is similar to thermal renewal, but requires a blast set with a blow dryer or flat iron during the thermal renovation.

Overlaps the curvature of retouching.

Helps the stylist use the best power in the underdogs that have uneven porosity or other chemicals.

It does not burn.

A stylist can seize the solution.

Glamor and usability are incredible.

Less time is needed for styling.

Less product required.

Hair Conserves Flexibility

Like Japanese Straightening, the new and improved Gina Curl takes more time than the previous Gina Curl. It lasts for 3-4 hours, including processing, drying time during drying and neutralization.

Your hair's flexibility resides and provides more time to deliver chemical services. It is more than likely that it only takes its roots up to three to four times each year.

Your new hair will grow with the original texture, but the difference between your new growth and your hair will be integrated and the good news is that there will be no breaks as it grows. It's safe to switch from New and Better Gina Curl to Straight Variation to Thermal Reconditioning. Customers with relaxer can not complete their turn. The new and improved Gina Curl will only be used for new growth, but this process will soften and overthrow the natural roots.

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