The new Nicosia shopping center

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There is a new shopping mall in Nicosia, Cyprus, to the recently opened Shacolas Emporium Park. In December, I visited the Christmas gifts.

What do you offer?

There are two floors. On the top floor there is a multiplex cinema that shows the latest movies. There are all kinds of eating places, such as Macdonald's, Chinese, Greek, and sandwich areas. There are also some cafes.

There are some shops on the top floor. There is a Public store that is similar to Borders (in the UK). This shop is very big and it offers books, DVDs, the latest computer games and music. All books, music and DVDs are provided in English and Greek.

There are other stores at this level, but mostly accessories and clothes.

Downstairs is the next, Debenhams, Carrefour (Hypermarket), Zara (Men & Women's Fashion), Intersport (Big Sports Shop), Early Learning Center and more.

What else?

Next door to the mall is a new IKEA store. This has just opened this year. It's huge as in the UK. You make a phone order through Cyprus (just in the South) where every catalog is sent to all homes in Cyprus and you can call to get your item to your home address. You do not even have to visit the business.

Free parking is available for at least 2500 cars and is easy to get.

How to get there

The mall is near the highway. Strovolos and the Cyprus Stock Exchange have to follow the signs as it is in its neighborhood. All signs in English, so it's very easy to find. Driving is easy and the freeway is always free of traffic.

If you are on holiday in Cyprus, ask your holidaymaker for daily trips to Nicosia. They may include a shopping street.


I suggest you visit Nicosia Shopping Center in Cyprus. There are several other shopping centers in Nicosia, which are worth visiting. You can have a good day by watching another movie and tasting a meal. Whatever there is, it is worth to visit what is in store.

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