The WalkAide – Product Review

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WalkAide is a new FDA-approved medical product that simply helps people to get better. How? – This medical device provides FES (functional electrical stimulation) to help walk with your feet clean feet.

Who can use WalkAide?

Patients with foot dents may benefit from using the device. Specifically, the people who make the most use of this medical device, those who have suffered foot injuries due to certain conditions. These include: cerebral or spinal disorders, CVA (stroke), MS (multiple sclerosis), spinal cord injury, TBI (cerebral brain injury), brain tumor or CP (cerebral palsy).

Why Different From "Traditional" AFOs (ankle foot orthoses)

First, an AFO is a stiffener that helps people to get better. This is typically made of plastic and is designed to help people walk better. Typically, this is a single-branded bracket, but may also appear in a prefabricated version. – The WalkAide supposedly analyzes the movement of the patient's leg and leg with "advanced sensor technology". The WalkAide sends an electrical signal to the patient's peronal nerve, which is located in the lower leg. Specifically, this nerve is located at the outside of the lower leg and helps move the foot and ankle movement.

How do you get a person with a WalkAide?

This is a medical device prescribed by your doctor. After the device has been prescribed medically, the patient must be evaluated by a certified and trained medical person, such as an orthologist. – This tool is not bought in stores, like other devices, such as a walking stick.

How long does the patient use the WalkAide?

According to the WalkAide site, this tool can be worn all day. However, patients must remove and release WalkAide before bedtime. This only makes sense if the device is otherwise used. Depending on the level of use, WalkAide has to do every two, three or four weeks. The reusable elements can be nice in this case.

WalkAide is also waterproof.

Note: This is medical information. Although it is good information, it is best to get medical advice about this tool for your local authorized orthopedist or medical practitioner. Many have been nominated for this device, but not all people with leg muscles can effectively use the device.

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