Top 10 Christmas Shopping Sites in the UK

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If you are not flying to the December destination island of December, Christmas shopping is almost unavoidable, but if local stores just do not leave, cut this year (and you do not want to rely on the post!) Then why not use our guide for your best shopping locations? Pre-Christmas sales are not uncommon, so look for some real deal.

first Oxford Street, London

Forty million buyers per year can not miss their Christmas pilgrimage. People come to the lights, the two mile stretch of the 300+ stores, extended ranges of many international flagship stores and the huge amount of choices (Selfridges, Top Shop, Nike Town, John Lewis, the list resumes). Although they probably will not come for the masses. Oxford Street is one of London's most popular tourist attractions and is still one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world.

2nd Manchester

In England, the unofficial second city is cooler on most rivals. Not to mention Arndale Center, a paradise for city buyers, full of tiny retailers, vintage / retro boutiques and worn elegant / boho stores that work in many original mancun styles. Perfect if you really missed Christmas shopping ideas – just remember to pack the umbrella!

3rd Brighton & Hove

Although it is a small town, Brighton & Hove is on the list because it offers a wealth of shops of elegant boutiques, contemporary unique fashion, antiques and original art and jewelery. The more bohemian and trendy shops are located in Brighton North Laines. Walk around the streets and alleys half a square meter after purchasing kitchens, aspirational lifestyle products or French reproduction furniture from the '50s and' 60s, and stop at a mungbaback at one of the many health and vegetarian restaurants. Designer hits are located in Brighton Harbor, and the big namespaces are located on Churchill Square.

4th Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a very aesthetically beautiful shopping area and is often one of the most beautiful cities in Great Britain. People feel brave enough to come here and see the sights and the Christmas shopping. The locals take the style and the consumption very seriously, and the name of the designer (Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc.). There are many hip and fancy little boutiques.

5th Birmingham

The official second city of England can not disappoint customers, it is easier to find than it has in the newly refurbished Bull Ring and New Street stores. Brummies love fashionable designer labels, but he loves the deal. They also love unusual architecture (the futuristic Selfridges building, worth 40 million pounds, is worth getting to Birmingham to see it on its own, although it has been said, maybe not everyone can taste it!). Just like all the big street shops, including Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser, the well-known jewel quarters must settle down with all the blinges.

6th Spitalfields Market, London

Okay, that would be the alternative, but if the same old stuff is full of ordinary grocery stores, the Spitalfields market is worth a visit to the eclectic stands – with many original designs. Buy your cool cousin's original leather case, your mum vintage brooch, your niece or nephew with a trendy, printed baby kid or just a slice of unripe Christmas cake.

7th Newcastle

If you like your shopping experience very large, then this is definitely where you can visit. The huge Metrocentre is probably the reason why most people travel to Newcastle for shopping, being one of Europe's largest shopping and leisure centers. The North East likes the original plans, so regular high street favorites will find independent shops and popular art and craft markets on Jesmond Armstrong every Sunday.

8th Bath

If this is the true English Christmas shopping experience you are asking, look no further than Bath. With its large Georgian streets, Roman baths and beautiful abbey, Bath is very light for the eye and the most demanding customer is well catered for. Like all the great namesellers, the city offers a number of independent shops and elegant boutiques, as well as a well-organized Christmas Market, which runs from 26 November to 6 December 2009.

ninth Dublin

Okay, not in the UK, but Dublin is a fun and lively city and a great choice for an easy-to-reach Christmas shopping destination. This is a very compact city where every shop is within easy reach, and most of the shopping malls are built around Grafton Street (shops at the top of the market) and St. Stephens Green Shopping Center (the usual big street shops). After completing Temple Bar in the direction of fashionable and unusual clothes, music and art shops (and probably a Guinness pint).

10th Cardiff

Even if you are not looking for a rugby shirt or a Welsh Love Spoon you will not ignore Cardiff as a Christmas shopping venue. Cardiff is a very friendly city and today is one of the best shopping places in the country thanks to the extension of the new St. David's shopping mall to 675 million pounds. Every bigger store has a very impressive "St. David's # 2", but if after intimate shopping, try the cute Morgan and Castle shopping arcades that even meet Victorian and Edwardian features.

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