Top 9 Teeth Whitening Myths Lost and Frequent Questions Answering

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Myth 1 – Tooth whitening with tooth decay

Not commonly true! Professional whitening products mainly use hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide as the active ingredient of tooth whitening gels. Chemical hydrogen peroxide (HO) is a whitening agent that develops into water (HO) and emits an oxygen molecule (O) in the chemical reaction process. Both water and oxygen are our common everyday life safe ingredients.

Oxygen particles penetrate the rough surface of the teeth (even though they are even, microscopically rough, rodlike like crystal structures) and obscure the dye particles. I would like to explain this by imagining the TV programs that show that washcloths of oxygen-dressed clothes are stained by clothing.

"Bleach" hydrogen peroxide is not the same as ammonia or other acid-based whitening products and can swallow within limits. In fact, our own body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide

Acidic products can remove the enamel from your teeth. Look for teeth whitening products using hydrogen peroxide, which is pH-balanced, ie has no or low acidity levels. To show acidity, you need to know that daily Orange Juice is shown in laboratory tests to multiply the enamel (and potentially erode) multiple times than the professional hydrogen peroxide based whitening gel if properly used.

Myth 2 – Tooth whitening is not safe

Not true! Cosmetic Teeth Hydrogen peroxide bleaching has been in use for 100 years. Most recognized dental practitioners worldwide support whitening as a generally safe practice when following simple safety steps. Any professional supplier of whitening products contains appropriate instructions for the safe use of the product

The safety and risk of whitening generally focus on two main questions: Gel exposure to the mouth and soft tissue, lips and tooth sensitivity. Both can be minimized by using professional products and minimize the duration of whitening gel by gum or teeth.

Like any cosmetic procedure, there is a potential danger. Fortunately, the side effects with professional teeth whitening are temporary and not permanent. Like most cosmetic procedures you have to endure some inconvenience to make it look better. Sometimes I call this "pain".

3rd myth – All whitening gel is the same

Not true! The two major professional gel options include urea peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Both contain the same active ingredient as hydrogen peroxide, but urea peroxide SLOWER acts on the teeth and is only recommended for Accelerator Light (I will only talk later) or at night. Urea peroxide concentrations contain about 1/3 of the active substance, hydrogen peroxide. For example, 35% urea peroxide is approximately equal to 12% hydrogen peroxide.

Since hydrogen peroxide is an unstable chemical substance that reacts immediately, production is more expensive. Many manufacturers offer only Carbamide Peroxide based products. Stabilized hydrogen peroxide, the most difficult and expensive, reacts immediately to the tooth contact and is best suited for short-term whitening treatments without accelerating light

4. myth – whitening Accelerating lights do not work [19659002] Generally not true! Except in some cases. There are businesses that only sell home whitening supplies and some dentists who say that LED lights and other accelerators are just a trick and they do not work.

A number of studies have shown that a professional accelerating light actually accelerates the oxidation of the tooth whitening gel (oxygen liberation and chemical bleach reaction). This is especially true of Carbamide Peroxide based bleach gels that react chemically much more slowly

Ask yourself how many dentists and cosmetology dentists are dealing with "office", "chair", "instant whitening" or "power whitening" treatment? Many of us! Now why would this treatment be used if the accelerator pedal did not work? From my own professional experience, it is undeniable that professional blue LED accelerating lights make faster teeth whitening results when using Carbamide Peroxide gel. In our own studies and observations that worked with thousands of customers and compared the results with the same gel at the same time, with and without the LED accelerator, we are confident that under such circumstances light is clearly noticeable.

But not all accelerators are the same. Some dentists use older technology lamps, such as Plasma, UV and other technologies are used. These technologies work in a light spectrum that is known to cause skin surface heating or burning and releases the tooth surface from oxygen in the gel, unfortunately this can also cause UV damage in the mouth, gums and lips. There are mini handheld LED lights that you often see in TV commercials – these are just toys and do not have enough power to influence them.

Another case where the accelerator pedal does not work well if the operator is to hold the gel against the teeth and this tray is colored, a "silicone impression" tray or a pre-filled foam tray. These type of fog protection trays do not allow passage of light frequencies and as a result there are no accelerated bleaching effects.

All modern, professional whitening gas accelerators all use LED light at a blue light spectrum at a given frequency that excites the release of oxygen from the chemical and accelerates the whitening process. It is often referred to as a "Cool LED" or "cold" light accelerator because it does not heat the teeth or the surrounding tissues. As a result, they are perfectly safe and the technology is visible to the FDA.

5th myth – You must go to the dentist to get professional whitening results

Not true! Today in Australia, you can buy professional, strong teeth whitening products that you can use at home or with a professional accelerator lamp and help – and not just your dentist.

Dentists are exclusively VERY STRONG whitening gels, more than 16% hydrogen peroxide and up to 35% hydrogen peroxide. In these strengths of whitening gel, there is a real risk of tooth trauma and gum trauma. Dentists therefore use a special rubber stopper that is applied to their gums before applying strong gels. The dentist usually receives a better tooth whitening result at the same time than a non-dental treatment, but in the case of stronger dental treatments, both financially and with increased sensitivity to the teeth should be taken into account.

For many years, the dentist had a monopoly on the cosmetic whitening market because the professional whitening technology was too expensive for anyone else. The price and availability of professional whitening products today offers more options and choices.

6th myth – Tooth whitening gels are not safe in places other than the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom

Not true! First of all, in this modern world, you may not even know, but good American or Australian brand products are likely to be made in China. This is true for all types and technologies of the world due to simple economics

There are many teeth whitening products on the market. You do not have to worry about where they are manufactured because they DO NOT SELECT. Active chemistry, hydrogen peroxide is the same world. Since hydrogen peroxide is also used as a disinfectant, bacteria may not be used in this chemical and will always be safe (eg without germs and bacteria) to place a hydrogen peroxide based gel in your mouth, no matter where it comes from or how [19659002] If the hydrogen peroxide gel expires or is chemically expired, it will immediately know because the gel becomes milky white, which shows that it has been oxidized and will not be more effective during teeth whitening, it will not cause harm

7th myth – You need customized mouthpiece trays to achieve the best whitening results

Not true! While dentists offer custom trays that spend a lot of money, many home whitening kits also exist that provide hot n-bite thermoshrinking dentures that will work the same way. Fully customized trays are a bit more comfortable to wear, but they need to be because they usually need the home whitening kit of the dentist to use the tray in his mouth for a long time in weeks. There are non-dental products that require only short-term use, so it does not matter if the mouthpiece is less comfortable.

Another problem with over-formed teeth guards is that the gap between teeth and the mouthpiece surface is so small that only the thinnest bleach gel layer can fit. The problem with this is less chemical = fewer bleaching results, so you should use the toothpick and the gel more frequently to achieve good results for a longer time.

8th Myths – Everything Is Them And The Whitening Results Like A Hollywood Smile

Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic expectations and can be disappointed because of their whitening results. This is not because professional teeth whitening products do not work because they work to some degree EVERYTHING. This is because they do not understand that everyone's teeth are unique in the mineral composition, which means that whitening will bring different results to every person. If your teeth are genetically yellower than others, the result will not be as white, no matter who your product is, how many times you try to bleach the teeth or how much the gel strength. Some people are deeply stained with antibiotics, tetracyclines etc. They can not be easily removed and can never be completely removed. There are also people who have genetically gray or blue teeth in which hydrogen peroxide whitening does not work with either yellow or brown hues.

People see Hollywood stars on TV and movies and believe they look like movie stars. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Chemical whitening is effective and does not produce pure white color (for most people) seen in movie stars. Does this mean that movie stars are only genetically lucky? No, that means movie stars often pay thousands of dollars for porcelain floor coverings to adjust their teeth and make them clean white. Of course you will also get this option if you have the money but the whitening of hydrogen peroxide makes a generally noticeable difference in the whiteness and brightness of the natural teeth at a much lower cost than the envelopes.

ninth myth caps, crowns, veneers or dentures so I can not bleach my teeth

Not true! Although hydrogen peroxide bleeds only natural teeth, it cleanses all surfaces, including unbleached surfaces of caps, crowns, covers and dentures. Some dentists say that hydrogen peroxide can weaken the binding of certain artificial materials or attack metal components, but the dentist must check the particular case before the natural teeth become fuller.

better whiten natural teeth FIRST when you get caps, crowns, etc. fitted. This is because the dentist can match the color of the artificial material with whitish, natural teeth, so you can get a whiter smile on the whole.

Whitening toothpaste works

The problem here is that there is not enough strong chemical concentration and the teeth are not concentrated long enough to make any noticeable difference in the teeth whiteness . The only true "whiteness", when this can be called, is actually the toothbrush or paste's abrasive effect generated by the toothpaste against the toothbrush. This scratching rinses the tooth enamel and removes large surfaces on the tooth surface, but not the tiny patches of spots that yellowish to the teeth. This is the same thing as "Brooms" that work just like fine sandpaper to remove the tooth enamel during brushing and cause increased sensitivity to the long drawn toothed enamel.

Do not be fooled by these expensive "tooth whitening toothpastes" – do not present a noticeable difference between teeth whiteness and pain in the teeth.

As a risk-hope argument, , the enamel is removed from the teeth of the teeth, and it is better to spend money on something that works.

Who is fit for whitening?

The generally recommended rules define people who are fit to whiten teeth:

  • Adult than 16 years of age (due to the potential development of denture teeth prior to this age, parental consent may be required)
  • Not pregnant or lactating (this is an additional safety measure for dolls protection, although it is generally unable to swallow sufficient hydrogen peroxide from normal tooth whitening to damage the baby.
  • No known allergy to hydrogen peroxide. If you have ever had a skin irritation when your hair is bleached with hydrogen peroxide, you may be allergic. But if you do not know that you are allergic, it will appear in the first few minutes of whitening treatment and you can simply stop the treatment. Any side effects, however unpleasant to disappear in a few days, without any permanent damage. Apart from this, teeth whitening is not advisable for Dental Braces, gingivitis, open cavities, leaking fillings, recent oral surgery or other dental conditions. If you have any doubt, we recommend that you visit your dentist before using the professional tooth whitening product.

    For natural teeth in gray or blue people, bleaching is not beneficial with the use of hydrogen peroxide in yellow or brown hues.

    If you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, any hydrogen peroxide whitening agent will be painful on your lumbar region and may cause a small amount of bleeding on the lumbar region. As a result, I do not recommend teeth whitening until these problems are controlled by your dentist. What is interesting, however, is that the reports have shown that hydrogen peroxide is able to kill the bacteria that cause arthritic inflammation, possibly preventing further damage. The risks of whitening

    however, may include the following: [19645002] GUM IRRITATION: Whitening gel contacting the gingival tissue may cause inflammation and / or may be discolored or may cause whitening, gum line or inner lips. This is due to the small area of ​​the tissue being accidentally exposed to the bleaching gel. Gingivitis and / or whitening is temporary, ie it does not last and changes in the color of the gum tissue within two hours, usually within 10 to 30 minutes. People who may have oral ulcers may experience temporary mouth ulcers, which usually disappear within a few days after treatment. Although more common in office dental treatments with very strong whitening gels, some people experience sensitivity to conception after bleaching treatment. People with existing sensitivity, recently ruptured teeth, micro-cracks, open cavities, leaking dulls or other dental conditions may find that these conditions increase or extend the sensitivity to teeth after cosmetic tooth whitening treatment

    SPOTS OR INTERRUPTION: Some people may cause white patches or streaks in your teeth due to calcium deposits that are naturally occurring at the teeth. These are usually reduced within 24 hours

    RELAPSE: After cosmetic whitening treatment, it is natural that teeth color drops slightly over time. This should be natural and very gradual, but it may accelerate the teeth with different coloring agents such as coffee, smoking, smoking, red wine, etc. Exposure. During the first 60 minutes, you should not eat or drink anything except water after whitening treatment and 24 hours later avoid the toothpaste (eat white and clean food at this time). The results of hydrogen peroxide based whitening treatment do not intend to last for 2 years with professional power handling. Secondary, repetitive or tactile treatments may be required to reach or maintain the color you desire for your teeth.

    How do I get the best teeth whitening results?

    you need to treat the teeth whitening results with a single treatment as this is a kind of compromise against the potential side effects of a single treatment. The best answer is the balance! Measure potential results with the potential risk of side effects. The highest concentration of hydrogen peroxide results in the best possible result in the shortest possible time, but it also has the greatest potential side effects. I suggest the middle of the road – not the strongest, and not the weakest, to strike a happy balance between the results and the risks.

    Before you begin professional teeth whitening, clean your teeth properly. At least in the area of ​​the smile, which is the upper and lower 8-10 teeth. WARNING, the teeth are not transparent, so restoring the teeth is very important to achieve full whitening. Dental cleaning removes unnecessary substances on the outer surface of the teeth and allows the hydrogen peroxide to fit best to the natural bleaching of teeth.

    Use a professional tooth whitening gel. Many pharmacies, television advertising and Internet companies support whitening products that use 3% or 6% hydrogen peroxide concentrations. They just do not work well when teeth teeth are whitened and all their effects take a long time. The comparative cost difference is not so great between these low finished products and their professional strengths, but the time and effort needed. 12% hydrogen peroxide is recommended if you are in the area unless you are using a professional ignition bleach that uses 35% urea peroxide. Of course, dentist's official whitening treatments usually use more than 12% of the gel, but beware of possible side effects.

    Keep in mind that if your teeth are not as whites as you are after the first treatment, you may always have a certain amount of time to observe gums and teeth for any side effects and then continue to treat them. Providing your product is not very expensive is the best and safest way to achieve optimal bleaching results

    How Long Does Whitening Work?

    This product is dependent on teeth whitening and led lifestyle.

    If you smoke or regularly drink red wine or regularly use other colored materials, your whiter teeth will paint faster.

    does not have an absolute answer to this question, but generally, if you are using a professional whitening product for full treatment as recommended, you may be able to keep whiter teeth for up to 2 years if you are aware of what you are eating and drinking and your teeth and your mouth condition are properly maintained.

    Most people are not sacred and live in a place where they enjoy red or curry, etc. This is fine, but if you want to keep your whiter teeth, you have to eat the food or d ice rink after 60 minutes. The research suggests that you should not brush after a meal, since the mouth formed in the mouth when it eats the tooth enamel to make the teeth softer and more abrasive.

    I also recommend tooth whitening pens. Hydrogen peroxide thin layer is applied to the teeth at any time and at any time and bleach staining near the tooth surface (if the concentration is strong enough). The Whitening Pens Active ingredient works for only 30-60 seconds on the teeth because the saliva cleans, so choose a bleaching pen that uses hydrogen peroxide (not urea) and professional strength. Tooth whitening pens are generally not suitable for removing deeper spots.

    I have a problem of toothache, can I still bleach my teeth?

    Yes, and you have many options. Before whitening, approx. 1 month before tooth whitening toothpaste and, if sensitivity is reduced, you can use any product. But be aware that your sensitivity is likely to increase again during or after treatment, so I suggest that you choose a medium-strength whitening gel to quickly remove it if the discomfort is unbearable.

    Another option is a low strength whitening gel. This works for a longer period of time, but sometimes also increases sensitivity as the time needed for the teeth is good.

    Probably the best solution, in my opinion, whitening pen is at least 12% hydrogen peroxide concentration. Since the gel can be painted on special teeth and because the gel is washed in less than a minute of saliva, this can result in the best results with the least unpleasant feeling.

    my teeth

    • Rinse the gel from the teeth and mouth, do not swallow
    • Tighten the teeth within 60 minutes with a toothpaste containing fluoride to seal the teeth
    • Do not eat or drink colored foods for at least 60 minutes [19659070] If you have a toothache sensation, use toothless toothpaste
    • If you crush on your gum, pick up a medicine from the pharmacy to ease the gums. This helps prevent the formation of mouth ulcers (if we are prone) and reduce the inconvenience and duration of any gum irritation.

    The Simple Rule for Best Bleeding Results

    Concentration of hydrogen Peroxide + Time on the teeth (Time) = Results (Efficiency)

    Time factor should take into account the time consequences:

    • More Efforts, ie Failure to Complete Treatment
    • More Discomfort
    • An active ingredient to react chemically over a given period of time. This means that only 24 hours of whitening gel is left because hydrogen peroxide is usually completely reacted and consumed within 20 minutes.
    • Longer exposure of the mouthpiece to the gums. Friction of the mouthpiece can often cause gum irritation
    • The whitening gel has a longer exposure to the gums. Repeatedly the risk of gum irritation
    • Remember that there are limitations of whiteness available with natural teeth and these teeth genetics, lifestyle and teeth will change during whitening.

    More information and whitening product information can be accessed by downloading the full report

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