Top Ten Outlet Shops After a Tokyo Day Trip

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Top Ten Outlet Centers for a Daily Trip to Tokyo

For those who love to shop and bargain, is a great way to experience Japan visiting some outlet outlets in Tokyo and its vicinity. They can create a great day-time space or enjoy the family fun, as it's also possible for children.

first La Fete Tama Minami Osawa

This spacious shopping mall is a bit like Southeast Provence Provence (a small stretch). This is a nice place to take a day out shopping and sample restaurants and cafes. There is a toho cinema nearby. The usual sports, outdoor, fashion, lifestyle products, pets, furniture, etc. Usual mix. Minami Osawa's spacious surroundings and greenery provide a relaxing day.

2nd Grandberrry Shopping Mall

The Grenberry shopping mall is quite large, and although it operates as a shopping mall, it includes all shops, pet stores and hairdressers, lifestyle and fashion stores. This shopping mall is divided into four zones; family and family life, a fresh grocery zone, a shopping mall zone, and a communication and entertainment zone.

3rd Lala Port

Since the beginning of 1981, Lala Port has been growing steadily with successful additions. Today there are more than 540 shops, including many brand stores, fashion houses, cinemas, etc. One of the largest shopping centers in Japan is malls and only in Tokiba, Chiba, Funabashin.

4th Karuizawa Prince Shopping Mall

Fashion is the main focus of this mall, but there is a little something for everyone. There is an imax theater, bowling alley and plenty of restaurants. Nearby is a ski resort and some onsens to enjoy (Hoshino Onsen recommended).

5th Premium Outlet Mall in Gotenba

This shopping mall is one of the largest shopping malls and Mt Fuji looks at a clear day. We have all sorts of foreign and domestic fashion brands as well as lifestyle shops and about 20 food companies. There is a large wheel and a children's playground. It's a popular shopping mall and it can be very crowded on holidays and bargaining times.

6th Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma

This large Outlet shopping mall has more than 200 stores, including 180 exhibitions. The main focus is fashion. Everything about kids' fashion, outdoor and sporty fashion, props and fashion magazines. 44 stores have opened their first Japanese exhibition space, so they have a strong gaze. The grocery store has 11 stores. There are three restaurants and three cafes, and you can take your pet. It is also possible for infants and, if desired, can also rent baby cot.

7th Makuhari Outlet Park

This shopping mall offers over 90 stores, mostly fashion-oriented. The shopping center is a fairly open, two-story complex and easy to reach. There are more than 30 restaurants.

8th Outlet Mall Rism

This was Japan's first exhibition center, so it's a little older than others on the list. However, approx. 40 stores, this is a quiet place to buy one afternoon.

ninth Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside

Outlet Shopping Center is one of Asia's Largest Port. This is a beautiful place on the sea, where every business allows 30-70% sales. Yokohama is a nice place to shop because it is more open and extensive than Tokyo. Enjoy the great open skies of Yokohama and the beautiful sea breeze while doing business at one of the many open-air cafes. Everything is branded outfits, outdoor goods, shoes, casual clothing, household items and restaurants

10. Sano Premium Outlets

There are currently about 180 domestic and overseas brands in the style of US East Coast architecture. This shop is open and green feel behind Mt. Mikamo behind it.

Approx. 40 minutes by car or 90 minutes from Shinjuku South Exit (JR Highway Bus Station).

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