Vintage shopping in Lisbon

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Lisboans generally do not appreciate used clothing, just like new designers. As Lisbon's apartments are modern-minded, so Lisbon locals tend to experiment with new fashion concepts. However, there is a gem of a few vintage stores located in the city center, which really deserve the land when they buy in Lisbon.

The most famous and central is A Outra Face da Lua. In the area of ​​Baixa Pombalina, this extensive vintage store focuses on high quality vintage gear with secondary garments, shoes and unique dresses over the decades. What's more, the stylish cafe of the 70s is a pretty beauty. Combining Outre Face da Lua's Oral Refinishing Assortment and Accessories, A Outra Face da Lua is truly proud to become the main market for vintage clothing in Lisbon

The trendy trend in Rua da Norte Street is Bairro Alto, a superb site for vintage and secondary for purchases, unique design boutiques and interesting things.

Located in Bairro Alto, the music-inspired El Dorado store features great vintage garments, including traditional flamenco skirts and accessories, with many vinyl and Fado music.

For Americana, look at the Bad Luck rockabilly vintage business on the street. In the tattoo shop called Bad Bones, this shop is organized around Deep South and rockabilly styles, with vintage dresses, jackets, skirts and other compliments that apply to all 1950s rock.

Catch the famous Tram 28 Campo de Ourique to find the designer vintage in the Be Vintage boutique. Used luxury tags, such as Dior, Versace and Prada, this small shop is an original purchase for customers who want to catch cash in a classical manner.

Last, but certainly not least, Other descriptions, such as dress, furniture, vinyls, jewelery and bric-a-bra, the Feira da Ladra flea market in Alfama. This open market definitely deserves the fans of second-hand goods and is prepared to change it. But due to its modest position and its calm manufacturers, many vintage garments are offered at fashionable department stores at a reasonable price.

Vintage Shopping in Lisbon; Address Index

An Outra Face da Lua, Rua da Assunção 22, Baixa

El Dorado, Rua do Norte 23-25, Bairro Alto

Bad Luck, Rua do Norte 91, Bairro Alto

Be Vintage, Rua Almeida e Sousa 51, Campo de Ourique

Feira da Ladra, Campo de Santa Clara, Alfama

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