WalkOn AFO – Foot Drop Brace – Product Testing

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Are there any people who find shoes that are easy to fit into their shoes and help you walk better?

1.) Introduction

Sometimes people prefer to walk, catching the look of the handle. Despite the fact that many people will never see that there is a handhold, there are times when we can assume that some pedestrian trousers are too large. Acceptable. When a lower level of AFO (ankle foot orthosis), then the WalkOn AFO may be the answer to foot fall problems. This is a pre-fabricated stiffener that slip easily into a shoe and helps people with dripping feet with a more symmetrical walking pattern

. Walk On

The AFO of Otto Bock WalkOn is important because it can help improve walking ability for people who have fallen into a certain point:

A.) Development of the area: It promotes a more natural and symmetrical walk.

B.) Tightening: Allows the fluid to protrude when the leg is fixed at the toe off point of the walking cycle.

C.) Provides good energy production. Although the stiffener is thin, it can handle terrestrial reaction forces well.

This stiffening leg is provided with a back leg that allows patients to step up the stairs better and better. This orthosis (brace) is also as light as 6 ounces. – In addition, in a study by Otto Bock in December 2001, WalkOn AFO showed that patients on Walk On AFO had improved roll-over against the standard carbon fiber AFO.

A.) Features: This AFO (walking stance) is extremely durable while extremely lightweight due to its unique material and design. In addition, it provides a corner tip for the initial contact during the walking cycle. In addition, there is dynamic movement from center to end position enabling the light roller in the cycle

B.) Benefits: This prefabricated AFO is unique as it is easy to fit into more shoe types than many other AFOSs. This closure is easy to come by. Finally, this handle has an open corner cup that helps fit the patient's heel.

3.) WalkOns Types

A.) 28U11 WalkOn & 28U23 WalkOn Trimable AFO

This bracket is ideal for patients who require greater support for moderate or severe lower leg. Why? This is a prepreg made of carbon composite, which gives more power. In addition, each footrest handle is stable and low profile.

B.) 28U22 WalkOn Flex

This AFO is ideal for patients who require less support than the aforementioned AFOs. Good for patients with mild falls. Why? Because the rear spiral spring provides greater comfort and flexibility for the patients using it than other non-Otto Bock AFOs.

4. Brace providers are approaching

It is important to be close to the bra experts when it comes to these braces. Local, licensed orthopedics help you with the best WalkOn Brace needs.

Note: This is medical information. The advice of the bracing doctor should be provided by a local authorized orthologist.

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