Wen Hair Care Overview

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Stars stylist Chaz Dean has created a revolutionary new product line that completely changed the hair care industry. The WEN product line is unique because it does NOT contain regular shampoo. What makes WEN so incredibly different is that it is a cleansing conditioner that simultaneously purifies and preserves the hair. And that's all natural. You will not find any harmful chemical component such as sodium laurel sulphate or hard detergents that you regularly find in shampoos. For this reason, WEN does not merelather when combined with water it creates an extremely silky smooth foam.

So what does Chaz Dean say except for the stylists who sell their hair care products? Well, one, Chaz has not used regular shampoo for customers or for fourteen years. And it was not an easy transition to persuade customers to get rid of my shampoo. Chaz says that everyone thought he was struggling with moderate crises when he blushed using the basic shampoo. But after explaining to his clients, they were very open to change.

Chaz started the "no shampoo" policy in 1993. Since 1985 he has been engaged in a patented and practiced hairdresser and has been dealing with hair care products since 1986. From time to time Chaz saw that regular shampoo did not produce the right results. She knew "something changed".

When he chose this revelation, he decided to uncover the hair without cleansing chemicals and detergents in shampoos. By replacing antibacterial and adsorbing properties with detergents and chemicals, Chaz found the results to be wetter, with additional gloss and strength, without fading or splitting hair (which is conventional shampoos). Chaz says there are all kinds of benefits to this cleansing hair: stimulating the scalp, promoting blood circulation and increasing healthy hair.

Chaz officially started introducing WEN's system in 2001 after testing and perfecting it for five years. The system is a completely different way to clean your hair. That's why Chaz called the WEN system because it was NEW … turned back!

Customer feedback:

"I tried using the Wen cucumber Aloe as a vacation at the conditioner in the end and it works fine."

"All right, so I tried this huge package, like five or six different bottles and … wonderful!"

"I let my hair dry overnight, and wiped it in the morning as when the hairdresser leaves."

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