What do people want: Buy an Internet or buy a store?

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In my opinion, the number of people involved in brick bricks in shopping bricks has not decreased with the appearance of Internet facilities. As Rita Rudner rightly said, "Shopping in a shop is a very special feeling; in fact, the less I pay for something the more it is worth."

First, shopping in a store has more features. One of these is the purchase of an economic function, such as a product. Purchasing can also fulfill certain social functions (meetings and conversations) and recreational functions (exercise, entertainment). This activity can also be met by psychological needs, such as exposure to information or fresh stimuli. Despite the fact that the Internet allows you to carry out activities such as work and shopping without having to go to workplaces, the concept of e-shopping is confined to only certain goods and people. This influenced people at the time of thinking, buying on the internet, or buying a shop.

Second, product features affect e-shopping. Popular products purchased through e-shopping are computers, computer hardware and software, CDs, books, travel tickets, movie and concert tickets, and fast food, such as pizza. However, people prefer to buy items such as clothes, furniture, and cosmetics in the store. Most online buyers do not buy meat, dairy products or other perishable substances online

Thirdly, e-shopping rates are relatively low compared to shopping habits, such as product information, product sales, transaction security, and returning goods. People who choose e-shopping just save time and provide flexibility in shopping hours. In addition, online shopping spoils the opportunity to test the products in order to see if they qualify our quality for our quality. Buying in stores allows us to test products at their own pace and ask for clarifications and details that only personal relationships provide.

Fourth, people still consider the deal to be valuable. The good thing to go to a store is to have the chance to go out and see people. Another thing when we visit the store is to buy what we want and know what the store is. In contrast, we will never know that stores may be on-line and not receive it immediately. It is a waste of time to wait for a product rather than go to the store and get it immediately. Furthermore, e-shopping is primarily done by professional and high-income people.

Fifthly, it is about trust. Some people simply do not trust the idea of ​​adding their credit card information over the Internet. Online shopping means that we have to pay for our purchases with a credit card, PayPal account, or E-Check. Not everyone is comfortably paying in this way and so they continue to shop in stores when they can buy online.

In summary, I strongly feel that people are still buying the store rather than buying online for the above reasons.

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