What exactly is a fun shopping auction?

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We've seen a new vocabulary for the last 5 months, and this is "Entertainment Shopping". So what does this new term mean and why do you criticize left and right people who claim to be immoral? Is he immoral, and if so why?

Entertainment Shopping is a new kind of online auction that works differently from most auctions. Unlike eBay auctions, these new auction sites eliminate people for each offer. Depending on the auction site, these fees usually range from $ 20 to $ 1. For this reason, items tend to sell factions of their retail assets. In fact, just a few days ago I saw a $ 3000 65-inch flat-panel LCD TV with a final price of $ 130. The crazy thing is, however, that they have left the auction at over $ 13,000. $ 10,000 gain. Why? As the bid increased 1 cent. This means that 13,000 bids have been made and bidders (both the winner and the loss) have been saved. The person who left the $ 3,000 TV was probably their life, but the other bidders, who spent hundreds of dollars to win the auction before resigning from bidding, eventually did nothing [19659002] Although this is a risky way to make the auction, to bid on the products, I personally do not see any moral or legal issues. If bidders know how the auction works and are willing to buy their bids, what's the big deal? More and more such websites are emerging, and why not, with such profit margins as they are? It would be very interesting to see how competition between all the entertainment malls is paid to bidders.

With the appearance of these pages, there are also strategic guides to help you get tips and tricks about these auctions. minimum costs. Things like the price, the number of bidders involved and past auction closing prices are all factors of these strategic formulas that people are trying to sell. In my opinion, these strategic guides largely have a lot of eyes, but there are also valuable information. Most math mathematic bidders are likely to figure out how to win and when to quit bidding on a particular auction. I recommend you take advantage of free bids, most of these entertainment stores add new members to your registration.

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