What to buy in London?

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The idea of ​​buying things in one of the most expensive cities in the world does not leave much flattery. Famous designers who occupy most of the major shopping malls are smaller brands outside the areas inhabited by tourists. So where are you going to go for something special, yet at affordable prices?

Most London visitors are looking for something to read in this guide. For example, where do you find a unique wine merchant or where to buy a Paddington Bear? There are souvenirs in almost every corner of London, all of which are sold to key pendants and t-shirts that will remind you of this multicultural city.

Great stuff to buy that tells the story and seems to work for many people. Those who have come to visit after reading something about the country or knowing history will not be tempted by the corner's gift shops. They go to St James Street, home to big stores, or go to museums and buy something.

For those who love some expensive shopping, London will not be disappointed. Harrods is very popular among tourists as it offers a high standard of choice. Harrods seems to be the UK's only shop that still sells genuine fur. In addition, it offers many fine perfumes, bath and medical supplies, clothes, accessories and much more. It's not a bad place to buy something special and expensive but to buy good quality or gifts. Convenient to downtown London, being in the city center. Oxford Street, one of the most popular, offers stores such as Selfridges, HMV (music, DVDs), Disney Store (toys) and many other stores, primarily for clothing and footwear.

For those who do not like overcrowded shopping, the extravagant and bohemian style is on the famous London street markets. The Portobello market in Notting Hill is ideal for antiques. Camden Town is great for exotic dresses and cheap shopping. Keep in mind that there are no bad purchases if you plan them properly.

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