Why change to BigCommerce in your e-shop?

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There are many shopping cart platforms with some good features for launching and promoting your store. But BigCommerce has taken a unique approach to offering you more than the typical shopping features. These features not only support the creation of a new e-store, but also optimize it for business purposes. Many companies have changed from BigCommerce to other popular platforms for many reasons. This facilitates all the processes needed to create an e-store. No matter how new you are in the business or in a well-founded name, BigCommerce has features that provide you with the maximum support you like no one else.

Here are some points that explain why BigCommerce is better than others

1. Mobile Templates:

Mobile users increase their number each day. It has also shown that people use more on mobile devices than search for desktops or services. All templates and themes offered by BigCommerce are mobile. The reactive design of the store adapts very well to any screen size. This ensures that your store looks attractive on all devices. When people get easy access to the store, they become more visible.

2. Open Hosting on the Social Platform:

Marketers have already pointed out that social platforms are growing markets. They are more than media for social gatherings. Support your products to social media and let consumers follow you. This is an interactive platform where consumers can get in touch with you. BigCommerce has a special feature that can bring more traffic to the store in social media. It helps buyers to advertise their products with others.

3. Promotion of products on renowned marketplaces:

With BigCommerce you can get higher exposure. As this shopping cart platform is associated with popular industry names, it can sell great marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Because it has a higher consumer value, sales can increase through these channels. This step will not only help increase sales but also help improve brand values.

4. Benefits of Shopping Feeds:

BigCommerce offers you the ability to easily link your purchase feed pages to your site. As these sites play a valuable role in managing traffic in the store, this feed will have an amazing advantage. BigCommerce has been incorporated into popular sites such as Google Product Search, Grabber, Shopzilla and more.

5. Easy Return Policy:

If you value consumers, you trust it. The Easy Return Policy is mandatory for every e-commerce store. BigCommerce offers more features than other modern shopping cart platforms. Inventory management for BigCommerce products is simpler so anyone can handle them and arrange for a purchase order.

6. Offers more options for payment gateways:

BigCommerce is integrated with industry leaders and offers a variety of payment gateways. You can choose any form of payment and the most appropriate business. Some great names that belong to your service, Authorize.net, PayPal, Google Checkout, and more. A digital wallet is another reception that helps customers use their wallet when purchasing a product.

7. Select Shipping Service Providers:

When you open a shop at BigCommerce, you will examine all the needs for advertising your store's products. This platform exceeds the typical services and offers benefits in selecting carriers. This is a unique approach that simply helps you grow a business by opening a store. Enjoy SEO Services:

Optimization is a very important thing if you want to compete. Your store needs a good SEO to get it easier for consumers. BigCommerce offers SEO management that optimizes your keyword and describes the pages to be search engine friendly. BigCommerce also has other options that are important for keeping a consumer test. The network of customers is constantly targeting promotional and informative emails for products and services.

Switching to BigCommerce allows you to get more attention from consumers. This platform represents the product in an attractive way and helps you turn your visitors to customers. The shopping cart features and features are truly fantastic and useful for every company.

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