You are an ADHD princess and buy it

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First of all, this apologize to the sales representative, the sales representative:

On the computer screen on the screen without shot, this clown answered my questions with 1 or 2 words sentences. It seemed to me that it would not make much effort. So I went out. I'm sure many of them are "The Sorry Sorry". Do you buy such a salesperson? Freedom. Immediately! There is no reason to tolerate the behavior. And there is no reason to stay and let the level of anxiety jump and try to reach what you want.

There are two different tails on the street. Rep one:

I came in and "greeted" a woman who spoke to me without looking up. It did not look much promising. And this service was, I learned, the only service provider who raised a signal in the country where I live. Ah, I realized I forgot the reading glass. So, I went to the local Walgreen and picked up a new pair. Measure here, leave it and return to another sales person.

Third, a spell? That was the case.

Adrian was the person who greeted him. I came in and blessed with a smile, eye contact and a blessing: "How can I help?" Service plans are complicated. I know I'm not just me. When I did not get something, he said and asked him to say slowly that he did exactly that. He did not blink, he said you were totally in charge. And he repeated exactly what he was saying. Then he gave me a general information brochure. And as you explained the plan, which seemed to fit what I needed, walked around the key points as you talked about them. Again repeating literally, I made statements that I asked him to repeat it! She did not have to explain to her that she had a problem with short-term memory (related to ADHD). I did not have to explain that the visuals really help to understand. He listened well, and when I said I wanted to think about buying, he gave me the necessary information and sent me a happy trip.

Here's what I'm missing from this shopping event.

  • It is possible to have a pleasant shopping experience.
  • If I do not like the experience I can end.
  • I'll be back later and someone else.
  • If I do not understand, I can ask for the necessary information
  • If I do not get the information I need, I can determine how likely it is to get it with the person with whom I work and try again or end the conversation and try somebody else.

If these thoughts resonate with you, keep in mind when you are out and about this busy (sometimes crazy) vintage. Go on, write down and keep them. Start chattering and gaining a peak and get a refreshment. Add your own.

During the holiday season, he respects what he needs and respects. There is no reason to accept anything like polite, honest and respectable sales people. No, they do not grow on trees. And blessing. Be careful, hold your balance and take your time. And they know that the time consuming part involves purchasing the right sales person.

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